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[Lyrics][Trans][Kaito][Miku][Meiko][Rin][Len] Fushigi no Kuni no Alice / Alice In Wonderland


music: Machigerita P / mp3 *click MP3を抽出

*I use Macron when romanizing.

[Kaito ]
fushigi no kuni no kagami o nozoite goran!
Bbaka na nezumi no sekai yori wa yukai daro!?

[Miku ]
sōne! atashi no sekai yori yukai ni mieru wane!
kata ashi tsukkonde miyō kashiran?

[Meiko ]
kono sekai no hitotachi, subete ga magyaku yo

[Meiko, Rin, Len ]
shirayuki-hime wa"   "! Cinderella wa shokubutsu ningen!
ningyo hime nante yakarete taberareta wa
nanjyū nin bun dattaka shirane lol?

[All ]
"yōkoso! kokowa kimi tachi yoiko no iru tokoro jya nai!
Wonderland no sono saki kagami no kuni, aku no kuni!
The end Wonderland, country of the mirror,country of the

[Kaito ]
zōmotsu buchi make tai no? sorenara kokoni ireba iisa
gōmon kigu ni denki isu nan demo sorou ore no mise!

[All ]
"sā nani o hajime yō ka?"

"yōkoso! "Nightmare" e!"




白雪姫は「   」!シンデレラは植物人間!「二人ともキュートなの」

ワンダーランドのその先 鏡の国、悪夢の国!」




[non singable translation]
*I modified a rough translation AkunoTsuki gave me. I don't know who's the original translator.

[~Bunny Masked Guy~]
Take a peek at the mirror in Wonderland!
Doesn't it look more entertaining than stupid Disney Land!?

[~Complicated Fractured Alice~]
Yes! It looks more entertaining than the world where I am!
Maybe I should have one foot in your world?

People in this world are totally inverted.

Snow White is "(censored)"! Cinderella is a cabbage!
As for Little Mermaid, we grilled and ate her!
I can't remember how many people I served. LOL

Welcome to our world! If you're a goody-goody, this is not where you should be!
Beyond Wonderland, there is Mirror Land, the Nightmare Land!

[~Torture Device Trader~]
You wanna scatter your shitty gut? If so, stay here. (*The red you see is ketchup/jam)
Torture devies, electric chais, anything tortures people are here in my store!

"Now, what can I do for you?"
"Welcome to our Nightmare!"

[translyrics by Usachiichan]

In this famous dark night sky
You can hear the bats high screams
Stars go around and round just like
a merry-go-round nightmare
Just for this one night
We can dominate the whole land
So let's have a party
Looking for the lost pumpkin

What a magnificent colorful story
This fancy, sweet, candy filled world is!
Can you hear the steps of the zombies running wild?
A funeral procession just like a fun parade for the pumpkin
Cheerful music chases you
And the dead

"Lulilu lilala"
Just start Murmuring the spell,
I'll be happy to go along with you
A world just like this,
Break it down and sweeten it
Then all the people in the towns will become just like us

At 13th Ghost Plaza you can
witness some strange things
Like a lady shadow slinking
right by your side
at the back alley you can see a
grotesque show acted out by the shadows
here comes the famous narrator
With a black silk hat

Then someone asked in wary tone
"By the way,
Do you know what time it is?"
the rabbit that you saw
Was made out of sweets
We entrust ourselves to the alluring sweet smell,
Let's eat all the candies
As many candies as we can

But then it'll melt
away real soon
Then vanish
It's brief
"just for one night"
You may feel uneasy but then we will whisper in your ear,
We promise you will feel better
Even though you've chased it for a long time
I promise you it won't last forever
Just a brief moment
You'll keep living this "story"
But soon you'll wake up it'll vanish!

"lulilu lilala"
Just start Murmuring the spell,
With your lips just simply form the words
When you wake up and start to realize
That you've changed because of this night
It's name is Halloween

"amazing! Isn't it a wonderful story?"
Although it's brief isn't it the sweetest thing?
On this special night dreams run free,

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