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VSQ/UST/MIDI/Sheet Music List

If you can't find what you're looking for, plz go to this thread.
Electone sheet music, midi, mp3 files by Mikandonburi are here
Sheet music and midi files by Aomofu are here N/A

Cendrillon(midi) and magnet(midi) by neo@yoshiki

You can find UST files here or here

Sound Horizone midis by Maō
anime/game midis by Maō
other midis by Maō *vocaloid music is here

Treow's sheet music is here

sango312's vsq/ust files are here
Circus P's vsq/ust files are here

SkyIsland's ust files are here N/A


± (ust) by YoyoSama-P / sm8318408

N/A 01 ballade (ust) by kenchan / sm941537

N/A 1/6 (ust) by N.H.P_livedoor / off vocal / nm6971638

N/A 1925 (ust) by OkitaLean P / off vocal / sm8430328

N/A 1925 (ust) with off vocal by VocaloidImai / off vocal / sm8430328

N/A 3 (pass: fantastical) by matt9five / off vocal

A Single Flower by Aripon P / nm9176590

A Place Called Eternity (ust) by EnbukyokuAline

A Thousand-Year Solo (ust) by Macco / off vocal / sm3122624

N/A A Thousand-Year Solo (ust) by N.H.P_livedoor off vocal / sm3122624

A Thousand-Year Solo (sheet music)
by kineret off vocal / sm3122624

Abandoned Garden (ust) with off vocal (pass: rainyday) by rainyday / nm5477419

Accordion at the Golden Sunset (ust) with off vocal by umbrellaguns / sm9004249


ACUTE (ust) by ReicheruCharin / off vocal with midi / sm7992704

Adolescence Syndrome (ust) #14 by nm8963483 / off vocal / sm7987277

Afternoon Sunshine (ust) by Daniel P / watch?v=945wEtsl-Us

N/A [THE IDOLM@STER] Agent Yoru wo Yuku (ust) by fuchikoma / sm12543

N/A Aigekikikou(short) (ust) by N.H.P_livedoor / off vocal (pass:rinmetal) / sm3218654

Albino (ust) by Nanitozo P / off vocal / sm9485673

Alice (ust) by yokujuuyurisou / off vocal * click パソコンへ転送 / nm7869327

Alice of Human Sacrifice by HatredForCommercials / off vocal / sm3143714

Alice of Human Sacrifice (ust) by koorima1 / off vocal sm3143714

Alice of Human Sacrifice (sheet music) by Hijiri / off vocal sm3143714

Alias Check's Song (ust) with off vocal by Neko Uchino / sm11023648 /

Alrighty Guy's Song (vsq, ust) by Kumataro

[Bakemonogatari] Ambivalent World (ust) by sm11676627

anger with off vocal by Tripshots / sm3183550

Another World is Mine (ust) by Macco / sm3604990

ANTI THE∞HOLiC (ust) by VocaloidImai / off vocal / sm7781905

ANTI THE∞HOLiC (ust) by Midorimushi / off vocal / sm7781905

Anticipation of Destruction and Ecstasy by Suzuki P / sm9251026

Are You Lying? (ust)

ARiA (ust) by sou77 / off vocal / sm10544006

Aria, Born In The Ocean (ust) by ■P

Author Unknown (ust) with off vocal pass:luna by sarekinoto / nm6333158

Bad Apple! by sm8991736 / off vocal

Bad Apple! (ust) by Kumataro / off vocal / sm9510460

[Gintama] Bakuchi Dancer (ust) by OkitaLean P

Ballade (ust) by namiko89 / off vocal

Bamboo Trees Sway by Chie / off vocal / sm7552783

Be Careful About Miku Mold! by Hayaya P

Be MYSELF by sango312

Bird of Paradise (ust) by Riremata P / off vocal

Birth by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal

Bitter×Sweet by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal

Black and White Genealogy (sheet music)
(pass: piano) by toya

Black★Rock Shooter (ust) by LadyGallade

N/A BLAZE (ust) (pass: yurahonya)by Yurahonya P

Block Doll (ust) by koorima1 / off vocal / sm8981824

Blue Amber by Seiko P / nm10778064

Blue Bird by sm3393035

[NARUTO] Blue Bird (ust) by OkitaLean

Blue Bird (ust) by Kumataro

Boy Jet by Chie P

bpm (ust) by ArtemiSayuri / off vocal

[BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER] Braveheart by Aster Selene

Breeze by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal

[Digimon Adventure] Butter-fly (ust) #17 by Merihiyo P / off vocal

[Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly] Butterfly (ust) by yokujuuyurisou / off vocal / sm2730132

Butterfly, Butter Knife (ust) pass: utau by ametama69 (sm6038565)

Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder (ust) by masterchichan / off vocal

Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder (ust) by noname / off vocal

Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder (Len ver.) (ust) by Kuroyama / off vocal

By the Sickle (ust) pass: teto by sarekinoto

Camellia (ust) by Jibunga P off vocal

Campanella (ust) by Chasing Fireflies / karaoke / sm8639738

Can't I Even Dream? by 1FNPONY / off vocal

Calvados by NEET P / off vocal

N/A Canary (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P / off vocal / sm4133656


N/A Cantarella (ust) (pass: yurahonya)by Yurahonya P

Cantarella (sheet music) by sm3873494

Caoin by seiko-P

Cat Ears Switch (ust) by axelfel

Cell's Stellar Theater (ust) by Torikon P / off vocal / sm9024225

Cendrillon (ust) by noname

Chain Girl (ust) by Kumataro / off vocal / sm8619805

Chain Girl (ust) by umbrellaguns / off vocal / sm8619805

Chaining Intention (vsq & ust) by LupinAKAFlashTH / off vocal / sm5180053

Chaosmaid (ust) with off vocal by UtauReni / sm5709037

Charade (aka Nazotoki/The riddler who can't solve riddles) (ust) by KrystalCherryBlossom / off vocal / sm10005591

Child's Garden (midi) by Maō

Chocolate Magic (ust) by nmasao / off vocal

Choose Me (ust) by Riria / off vocal / sm11269476

[Touhou] Cirno's Perfect Math Class (midi) by idk

[Touhou] Cirno's Perfect Math Class (ust) by TheUTAUStudioS

Chocolate Cup After School by Chie P

Clock lock works (ust) by KANGDANIM / off vocal / sm8933166

N/A Clockwork's Swallowtail (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

CLOVER (Rin) (Miku) by musikadelik / off vocal / sm10495307

Clover Club by sango312

Coherent by KAY / off vocal

Cool Len's Song (ust) by Spores / off vocal

Coward Mont Blanc (ust) by KAInE / off vocal (pass:amatou) / sm10393864

Creepy Toast (vsq, off vocal, midi) by mattfive9 / watch?v=VA-LiadMMpg

Crime and Punishment (ust) by Kuroyama / off vocal

crossfade (ust) by Macco

Crossword World (vsq & ust) with off vocal by key / sm10162441

[Evangelion] Cruel Angel's Thesis(ust) by Cien

N/A Cry and Kiss (ust) by N.H.P_livedoor

Cursed Glasses by Bucchigiri P

[Cutie Honey] Cutie Honey (ust) by VocaloidImai

[Cutie Honey] Cutie Honey [tv size] (ust) with off vocal by rollcaskett2

Cycling (ust)

Dan Dan Dance (ust) with off vocal by nm9622195

Dancesite of Darkessn (ust) by ReicheruCharin

Dancing☆Samurai (ust) by cutiepieSpecter / off vocal

N/A Dark Alice (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

Dark Woods Circus (ust) by Saymoi

Daughter of Evil by mothy

Daughter of Evil (ust) by namiko89

Dazzling World
by Doro=Richnow

Daughter of Evil -velvet mix- (ust) by HikariMiyuki (IshimaruMisheru)

Daughter of White by AsterSelene / off vocal

Dear by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal

Dear My Old Future with off vocal (pass: rainyday) by rainyday

[Higurashi] Dear You 1,2,3,4,5,6 by idk

[Inuyasha] Deep Forest (ust) by Rave / off vocal

Delivery (ust) / off vocal / off vocal w/o chorus by Mimirobo P

Departing From Tokyo To The Blue Sky with off vocal by rashly man

Despair (ust) with off vocal by Banoetelchan / sm5948221

[Macross F] Diamond Creavasse (ust) by LuciferxLafeye

Dies Irae - A Song of a Lizard - by Chūhai P

Disappearance of Miku Hatsune (ust) by katokou

Disappearance of Miku Hatsune[not completed] by Kimicatdemon

Disappearance of Miku Hatsune[short-size] (uts) by michi

Disappearance of Miku Hatsune (ust) by Ashiotone P / off vocal by sm8953143

Disappearance of Miku Hatsune (sheet music) by Hijiri

[Macross F] Do you remember love? (ust) by http://www.youtube.com/user/LuciferxLafeye

Doll and Left Eye (ust) with off vocal by UtauReni / sm11905494

Dolls (ust) by Refill

Dolls (sheet music)

Don't Say Lazy

Double Lariat (ust) by tatsumi

Dreaming Leaf (ust) by nmasao

Dreaming Little Bird by Hayaya P

Dreaming Little Bird (sheet music) (pass: 25) by sm4883133

DRIVE TO THE MOON (ust) by masterchichan

Dryas (PartI) by seiko-P

E.F.B - Eternal Force Blizzard -

E.F.B - Eternal Force Blizzard - (ust) (pass: E.F.B_f.ust) by Torikon P

EDEN by Morio-Morito / off vocal

[Simon & Garfunkel] El Condor Pasa (If I Could) (ust) by dormouse / off vocal

N/A Electric Angel (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

envy. (ust) by shao / off vocal / nm8875235

Eryngii Now (vsq, ust) by Koma / off vocal / sm10733834

Escaping From A Chick (vsq) by Han'nyaG / off vocal / sm9901754

Escaping From A Chick (ust) by Jibunga P / off vocal / sm9901754

Escaping From A Chick (ust) by Dahlia P / off vocal / sm9901754

Esmeralda by Seiko P

Eternal Choir (midi) by Morio-Morito / off vocal

Eternal Misty Capital (vsq) with off vocal (pass: rainyday) by rainyday

[ARIA] Eufolia
by harunacuteP

Evacuate The Dancefloor by matt9five

[The Police] Every Breath You Take by sango312

Farewell Song (ust) (pass: kaito) by Agi☆ / off vocal

Fashion Fighter Mamura~ (ust) by Ashioto P / off vocal (pass: utau)

First Love Forecast by Morio-Morito / off vocal

First Tone (ust) by navysky1995 / off vocal *click パソコンへ転送 / sm1274898

Flitter (ust) / off vocal by Mimirobo P

Extended by Tripshots

Fair Weather for the Stray Dog to Run (ust) with off vocal by navysky1995

N/A faista (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

Fake Love with off vocal by rashly man

[Lady Gaga] Fashion (ust) with off vocal (pass: FashioN) by matt9five

Fate:Rebirth (ust) by Jibunga P

N/A Final Reason (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

Fire◎Flower (ust) (pass: fireflower) by Yoyo / off vocal / sm4153727

Fleeting Moon Flower (ust) by Jibunga P

Flower Cradle (ust) by Kumataro

Flurry (ust)
by Macco / off vocal (pass: gackpo) by Nori P

Fluttering (ust)

Fluttering, Swaying (ust) by kohigashi

Flying Start by Chie P

Fly Me To The Moon (ust)

Fly with me (short-size) with off vocal by SOSOSO

For a Dead Girl+ (ust) by Banoetelchan / off vocal / sm8269133

[Fruits Basket] For Fruits Basket (ust) by HatsuneMikuVocaloid2

for you (midi, off vocal) (pass: foryou) by hidariuchi12

forbidden fruit by Tripshots

N/A Forgetting Love Suicide (ust) by N.H.P_livedoor

Four-leaf Clover (ust)
by Soraironeko / off vocal

Four-leaf Clover (ust) by kohigashi

Fragment of Dreams (ust) with off vocal by Suzaku P (sm9051958)

[Touhou] Frog Stone (ust) by sm10328040 / off vocal

from Y to Y (ust) by masterchichan

Full Moon Dinner (ust) with off vocal by OkitaLean P / nm6199826

[Kotoba no Puzzle: Mojipittan] Futari no Mojipittan (ust) with off vocal by foriamjustice / watch?v=9EwZzvB-12g&fmt=34

Gacha Gacha Cute Figu@ by sango312

Gemini (ust) by StarCassiah / off vocal / sm2540481

ggrks (ust) with off vocal by haloheroine

GHOST (ust) by Chuka / off vocal / sm7106513

Give Me Your Everything (ust) by Jibunga P / off vocal / sm9291468

Glimmers On a Snowy Night (ust) by Macco / off vocal

Go To Hell, Wedding Bells with off vocal *scroll down by Koraboya

[K-ON!] GO!GO!MANIAC (ust) by nm10348116

[YUI] good-bye days (ust) by haloheroine / watch?v=OFy-1WwEF1c&fmt=35

N/A Good F*ck (ust) by N.H.P_livedoor

Goodbye to Alice (ust) by Ezri / nm7597023 / off vocal

[Haruhi] Greed's accident with off vocal by AsterSelene

N/A Gymnaster Savatieri (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

GO MY WAY!! (ust) by Momomomo

[Bran Van 3000] Go Shoppin' (ust) by Riremata P

[Haruhi] God Knows (vsq)(ust) by FullmetalFumfum

[Haruhi] God Knows [tv size] by harunacuteP

[YUI] Goodbye Days (ust) by haloheroine / off vocal

Good Morning Emma Sympson by Mucho

Gratitude by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal

Gravitation (ust) / off vocal / off voal w/o chorus by Mimirobo P

[WOLF'S RAIN] gravity (ust) by LuciferxLafeye

Guilty Rose (ust) pass: bloodydollguiltyrose6 by HaruVampiresm2519230

Guilty Verse (ust) by ZettaSloooow / off vocal

[Umineko] Happiness of Marionette (ust) by Dachorganisation

Happy Monday Good Morning by Morio-Morito / off vocal

[Touhou] Happy Rabbit (ust) by USagiBi

[Hetalia] Hata Futte Parade (ust) by TheSaymoi

Hating Sakura by Chūhai P

Hating Sakura ver 0.2 by Chūhai P

Heartbroken Summit (ust) by umbrellaguns

[SHINING WIND] Heart-shaped chant (ust) by LuciferxLafeye

heavenly blue (ust) by koorima1

[THE IDOL M@STER] HELLO!! (ust) by k.e. / midi

Hello Planet (ust) by navysky1995

Hesitation Cybernetics (ust) (pass: ruko) by kenchan

Hidalgo (ust) by noname

Hitori Yurari

Hitori Yurari (Eng) by Sango312

Honey by sm1568682

Hope (ust) by umbrellaguns / off vocal / sm5911252

How About Secrets of UTAUloid (ust) / off vocal / by Mimirobo P

How The Summer Is (harmony vsq) by EasyPop / off vocal

N/A I Can Take Off My Panties! (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P / off vocal / sm10977110

I Could Let Out by Japanese Business Man P / off vocal / sm10487448

I Don't Need Anything (ust) with off vocal by Suzaku P (sm9218527)

I've Got a Part-Time Job on Xmas by Chie P

[Haruhi] I've Gotta Skip Town To Reset My Life by sango312

If I Could Be Invisible (ust) (pass: utau) by ametama69 (sm8747914)

If You Seek Amy by Sango312

In The Scented Winds by Chūhai P

I Am an Ash Cat (ust)

I Like You, I Love You (ust) by coco418sukoshi

I Like You, I Love You (ust) (pass: ssss) by yamada__

I Love You, I Love You, I Love You
by rebecca / off vocal

I Planted Chocolata (lyrics vsq) (conversation vsq) by Chie / midi

I Rule (ust) by Reisen & Miwa / off vocal / sm10020765

I Swear To The Sky Where You Are Not by NEET P

I Want You To Hold Me (ust) by sm11163726 / sm11106992

I Was Once a Frog (ust) pass: momo by sarekinoto

I Yearn For You by EasyPop

I'll Make You Miku Miku (ust) by sm9183661

I'll Make You Miku Miku (sheet music) by PSP no Occhan

I'll Quit Singing (vsq, ust, midi, off vocal) by sango312

I'll Quit Singing (vsq, fixed by me) credit goes to sango312

I'll Quit Singing (ust) by Jibunga P / off vocal

I'll Sing a Song Like a Flower Blooming Around a Corner by Chūhai P

I'll Smile Somday, I'll Be Always Smiling (sheet music) by Tamāzu P / off vocal

[Dream Club] I'm In Love With (mp3 / vsq / ust / midi) (pass: daisuki) by Doofus-P

Ievan Polkka (ust) with off vocal & midi by KrystalCherryBlossom/Luna

Ievan Polka (ust) 1,2,3 by idk

[Ichigo100%] IKE IKE by sango312


IMITATION BLACK (ust) (pass: IBust) by Torikon P

IMITATION BLACK (ust) by Macco

IMITATION BLACK (sheet music)
(pass: kurio) by kurio

Imitator (midi) by Uta P / off vocal

Innocence with off vocal by sango312 / sm1826238

Innocence with off vocal (ust) by KrystalCherryBlossom/Luna

[Macross F] Interstellar Flight by Ciel

N/A Iroha Song (ust) by N.H.P_livedoor

Iroha Song (male ver.)(ust) (pass: Iroha_Ds_ust) by Torikon

In the Artificial Time (ust) pass:teto by sarekinoto

Infinite Darkness and Infinite Light with off vocal by rashly man

It's My Road Roller (ust) by EcstasyDarks

It's Been a Year Since The Hero was Killed by a Giant Anteater by maroki / midi / nm4310042

IT Revolution of Love (midi1) (midi2) by Y no Hito

IT Revolution of Love (ust) by masterchichan

jewelfish (ust) (pass: Jewel_F_ust) by Torikon P

Junkey Dancer (ust) (pass: utau) by Hatena / off vocal / sm3469301

Just Be Friends by Sango312

Just Be Friends (ust) by Manzan

Kasane Teto Teto (ust) with off vocal by nm10381863

Kill x (ust) with off vocal by OkitaLean

Kimura Term (ust) / off vocal / off vocal w/o chorus / REAPER file by Mimirobo P (sm8585086)

[PandoraHearts] Kinji rareta Asobi with midi and off vocal by sango312

Kiss Me by Sango312

[Kara no Kyōkai] Kizuato (ust) by sm10187668

KOKORO by BeatifulSky

KOKORO (ust)

KOKORO/KOKORO・KISEKI (ust) by noname

Koto Koto☆Romantic Night (ust) (pass: crn) by Yōyō

[Reborn!] Kufufu no Fu by milosci

[Sgt. Frog] Kurutto Mawatte Ikkaiten (vsq)(ust) with off vocal
by sango312 / watch?v=muiF90RDN_8

La Noël Sucrée by Chie P

[Sailor Moon] La Soldier by gothicblue

Labyrinth (ust) by Unakichi

Ladies First (ust) by USagiBi / off vocal / off vocal w/o chorus / sm10752593

Last Night, Good Night

Last Night, Good Night (Gackpo) by Sango312

Last Night, Good Night (Gumi) by Sango312

Last Night, Good Night (Luka) by Sango312

Last Night, Good Night (Rin) by Sango312

Last Night, Good Night (ust) by Macco / off vocal

Last Night, Good Night (ust) by Sango312

Last Night, Good Night by KAY / off vocal / sm4141643

Leaf Boat in Heaven (ust) (pass: ritu) chorus (@ass: ritu) by Kumataro

Left Behind City (ust) with off vocal by UtauReni / sm11559163

[Touhou] Legend of Mermaid (midi) by idk

LEO (ust) by Miwaseto / off vocal / sm3045725

LEVEL5-judgelight- (ust) by Kumataro

Leyenda de Melodia by Seiko P

Lie On (filksong of LION) by Ayu P

LIFE of LIES with off vocal (pass: rhyme) by rainyday

Light'night fullmoon / off vocal by Yunyun

Lililili★Burning Night by matt9five / off vocal / sm11884641

[elfen lied] Lilium by idk

Lilypad (ust) pass: utau by ametama69 (sm5720966)

Linaria by NEET P

Linaria (ust) by kenchan

Linaria (ust) by noname

Linaria Chapter2 by NEET P

[Macross] LION by idk

LOL-lots of laugh- (ust) by Chimame / off vocal *click パソコンへ転送 / sm8033594

Lolicon, Definitely No Way! by Captsuba P / off vocal

Lolita by Hi-G (sm7939280)

Long Winter by Chūhai P (sm9251993)

Long Winter (Len) by Chūhai P

Look This Way Baby (ust) by nmasao1 / off vocal *click パソコンへ転送 / 1278053271

Lost Firefly with off vocal (pass: hotaru) by Onchi P

Lost Sheep (ust) by Softcream P / midi (pas: niconico) / sm1652415

Lost Story (ust) by Banoetelchan / off vocal *click パソコンへ転送 / sm7326739

Lotus Land by Suzuki P / off vocal

Love*3 (ust) by Macco / off vocal

Love is Sakura Color by Chūhai P

Love is War by Sango312

Love Love Nightmare (ust) by Cien

[Tomohisa Yamashita] Loveless (ust) by sm11558395 / sm11558395

Magic Hand by Live P

Magical☆Cat Len Len (ust) by Jibunga P / off vocal

N/A magnet (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

magnet (ust) by noname

magnet (ust) set by idk who

magnet freedom (ust) (pass: magnet_F_ust) by Torikon

Marionette by sango312 / off vocal / sm3971304

Marionette Strings Twine (ust) with off vocal by otodamaya / sm11910596

Marionette syndrome (ust) by iraunl / off vocal / sm9241207

[Touhou] Marisa Stole The Precious Thing (ust) by xXFeNceXx

[Touhou] Marisa Stole The Precious Thing (midi) by idk

Marmalade Sunset (ust) by noname

Married Birds by Asian P / off vocal

Matryoshka (ust) by UTAUxyz / off vocal

Maybe☆Love (ust) by Kayama

MAZE - Map without End - by Hayaya P

[Mazinger Z] Mazinger Z with off vocal (pass: nico) by Shado / watch?v=coRS364u6nM&fmt=35

Me Without Eyes by Hadano P / off vocal

Me Without Eyes (ust) by sm10150192 / off vocal

Meaningless Words
by Rakuga P / sm10812572

Melancholic (ust) by umbrellaguns / off vocal / sm10444862

Melancholy by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal


melody... (Eng) by bunbunbun

Melt by foliage4

Melt by Sango312

Melt (ust) by Kiha22

Melt (ust) by tempura

Melt (sheet music) by PSP no Occhan

N/A Meltdown (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

Meltdown (ust) (pass: roshin) by Yōyō

Meltdown Hard-R.K.mix (ust) (pass: teto) by Unakichi / off vocal

Meltdown Hard-R.K.mix (ust) by letxgoxavril / off vocal

Meltdown (sheet music) by sm7283068

Memories by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal

Mermaid and Silver Moon Night by Ginyū P

N/A Message in our silence (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

Messages of Regret (sheet music) by no1120

Midnight Umbrella (ust) with off vocal (pass: rainyday) by rainyday

Miku's Music Box by Hayaya P

Miracle Paint (sheet music) by OSTER Project / off vocal

Mirror Particle (lyrics vsq) (GOGO! vsq) (YES! vsq) by Chie / midi

Mischievous Function (ust) by JadeLaunders / off vocal *click パソコンへ転送 / sm10693487

[Ayumi Hamasaki] Moments (vsq, midi, off vocal) by idk

Monochro ∞ Blue Sky (ust) by Kumataro

[Kuroshitsuji] Monochrome Kiss (ust) by OoWINDYoO

[PSYCHO-PASS] Monster Without a Name (pass: psychoyukari) by Takao Kamizuki

Moon Flower Diva's Song by Chie P

Moon Snow Flower by Ebot / off vocal

Moonlight (bossa nova ver.) with off vocal by rashly man

Moonlight (piano ver.) by rashly man

Mozaik Role (ust) with off vocal by UTAUxyz / sm11398357

Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream (ust) by UTAUxyz

Music Box of Time with off vocal (pass: rainyday) by rainyday

Music Jewel Box with off vocal by rainyday (pass: rainyday)

My Break (ust) with off vocal by Higgins P

My Cell Phone Vibed In The Pocket with off vocal by rashly man

[THE IDOLM@STER] my song by rexer000 / off vocal *click パソコンへ転送 / sm3512535

My Time (ust) by TheSaymoi / sm1340413

[Higurashi] Nageki no Mori (ust) by Dachorganisation

Nameless Song (ust) by UtauReni

Nanana★Fever Miracle Tonight (ust) by salt / off vocal

Nebula by Tripshots

New Song (ust) with off vocal by sm9683150

Nico Nico Medley 2007 (ust) (pass: utaukumi) by Riremata P

Nico Nico Medley 2008 (parody)(ust) by Macco

[Touhou] No Life Queen (ust) [short-size] by sm11267656 / off vocal / sm2064366

Nobori Bō with off vocal by Ransū P

Nomadic Tribe with off vocal by Suzuki P
nonamegirl (ust) by Lime (nm9629048)

Nookery (ust) with off vocal by strngblln (sm9186797)

[Macross F] Northern Cross (ust) by Kumataro / off vocal *click パソコン転送

Notice Me (ust) with off vocal by otodamaya / sm11028144

O Canada by lordxwillie

Ogres' Feast (ust) with off vocal by otodamaya / sm11027892

Old Radio (vsq, ust) by xXFeNceXx

Omān Lake (ust) (pass: hzm) by HZM / off vocal

One Crimson Leaf (ust) with off vocal by maluquinho5

One-Sided Love Samba (ust) (pass: samba) by Yōyō

only my railgun (vsq)(ust) by Kumataro / off vocal

Out of Eden (ust) by otama / off vocal / sm11455035

Out of Step (ust) by koorima1 / sm8590504 / off vocal

Packaged by KAY

Packaged by BeautifulSky

Pair-Cold Blast (ust) with off vocal by sango312 / sm4794708

N/A Palette (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

Pane dhiria (ust) (pass: pane) by Kirika

Paparazzi by icreps105

Paparazzi (ust) pass: gagautau by gothickat666

Paradise Butterfly by NEET P

Paradichlorobenzene (ust) by Nanitozo P

Paradichlorobenzene (ust) by ThisUsernameIzTaken

[Ga-Rei: Zero] Paradise Lost (vsq) (ust) by Aster Selene

N/A Pink Secret.exe (vsq, ust, midi) by Matsutōya P & Yurahonya / sm11586775

[Kingdom Hearts] Passion (ust) by koorima1

Pinky Swear (ust)
by navysky1995 / off vocal / sm10533832

Pitiful Scream (ust) with off vocal by Suzaku P (sm8856053)

[Cardcaptor Sakura] Platinum (ust) #18 by Merihiyo P

Poker Face (ust) by koorima1

popipo / sm5508956

popipo with midi and off vocal by Sango312 / sm5508956

Prayer of Dawn by sango312

preparation (ust) by Mimirobo P / off vocal / sm5599657

Present / off vocal by KAY(sm7142225)

Present (ust) by nm9199268

[Princess Mononoke] Princess Mononoke by sango312

Psychotic Len's Love Song (ust) by UtauReni

Queen Nereid by Seiko P

R-18 (ust) by sm8923521 / off vocal

Railroad Tie (vsq & ust) with off vocal by sango312 / sm3229289

rain_stain_ (ust) by MistressYandere / sm7498231

Rain Sound (ust) by Ashiotone P sm9414172 off vocal by Wato (sm9028247)

Raison Detre b NEET P

Re_birthday (ust) by gothickat666

Recollection (ust) with off vocal by strngblln (sm9418293)

Recycle Bin (ust)
(pass: help_me) by Agitato / off vocal / sm2300866

Rekkarecycle (ust) by iraunl / sm3814820

Relics (vsq) (ust) by sango312 / off vocal / nm5969562

Remains of Clouds (ust) by LadyGallade

[Bakemonogatari] Renai Circulation (sheet music) by Dustin

[Bakemonogatari] Renai Circulation (midi) by Dustin

Renai Mischievous Function (ust) with off vocal by UTAUxyz

Repulsive Eater Conchita (ust) by UTAUxyz

Repulsive Eater Conchita by HatredForCommercials

Reverse Rainbow (ust) by QuietButHappy

Revolution (vsq & ust) with off vocal by sango312http://www.youtube.com/user/sango312 / sm2871474

Rhapsody of Loup-Garous with off vocal by Suzuki P

Ritsu Ritsu☆Night Fever (ust) (pass: ritu) by Kumataro

Roche limit (midi) by Worldwide P

Rocket Delivery Service by Chie P

Rollin' Girl (ust) by umbrellaguns off vocal

Rollin' Girl (ust) by Koorima1 off vocal

Rollin' Girl (ust) by Chuka / off vocal

N/A Romeo and Cinderella (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

Romeo and Cinderella (sheet music) by Gonzalez

Romeo and Cinderella (ust) by noname

Romeo and Cinderella: Another (ust) by noname

[I don't even know a millimeter of] Romeo and Cinderella (ust) by masao / off vocal / sm10830499

Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance (stalker) (ust) by HinataLavender

Round and Round (ust) by littleright

Rounding Great Voyage (ust) / off vocal / off vocal w/o chorus by Mimirobo P

running by ryo-ta / off vocal / sm10924937

[Kobukuro] Sakura (ust) #15 by Merihiyo P

[Macross] Sagittarius☆9 p.m. Don't be late (ust) by Kumataro / off vocal

Saihate (ust)

N/A Saihate (ust) by N.H.P_livedoor

Saihate (eng) (ust) by soraironeko

Sakura and the Moon in the Evening (ust) by Softcream P / off vocal / sm10304070

Sakura Rain (sheet music)

Sakura Rain (midi) (pass: graduate) by sm9630717

Salsa de Valentain with off vocal by rashly man

Sand Canyon (ust) by kenchan

N/A Sandscraper (ust) by N.H.P_livedoor

Satellite (ust) by YoyoSama-P / off vocal

Sayonara Distance (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

Sayonara Memories by Kan'nazuki P / off vocal

Scarborough Fair (ust) by kitakiba100

Seaside Restaurant with off vocal by rashly man

SETSUNA by amyu / off vocal

Skywalker (ust) with off vocal by KANGDANIM / sm11019053

Snow Promenade (ust) by UPPERCLASSamphibian / off vocal / sm5226110

[Genesis of Aquarion] Sousei no Aquarion (ust) by Cien

Southpaw (ust) with off vocal by sm9401374

Secret Story (ust) with off vocal by strngblln (sm8712273)

[Reborn!] Sakura Addiction by milosci

[RENT] Seasons of Love by milosci

secret (vsq & ust) with off vocal by sango312 / nm9460691

Seed for the Future (ust) (pass: tane) by Momoto

Sentimental Walk by A0010

Serenata with off vocal by rashly man

Servant of Evil (ust)

Servant of Evil

Servant of Evil (sheet music) by no1120

Servant of Evil (sheet music) by Pon

[GRAVITAION] Shining Collection (ust) by WolKaBai

shiningray by Kongmu

Shooting☆Star by Kagome P

Shooting☆Star (ust) by USagiBi / off vocal / sm8279653

Shroud of Time with off vocal by Aripon

Shut Up and Feel My Vibes (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

[Sketchbook ~full color's~] Sketchbook o Motta Mama by harunacuteP

siGrE with off vocal by Suzuki P

siGrE (UTAU) by kenchan

Silent Night by lordxwillie

SKELTON LIFE (ust) by xalubelux

Skyscraper / off vocal / off vocal w/o chorus by ych

Sonezaki Double Suicide (ust) by navysky1995 / off vocal

[The Vision of Escaflowne] SORA (ust) by LuciferxLafeye

Split (ust) by totomin

Split (ust) by nwp8861

Snow by Hi-G (sm9408215)

Snow in summer (vsq & ust) by Keiji / off vocal / sm11915200

Snow White Pythoness by Chie P

Soar (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

Song of Eared Robot (ust) / off vocal / off vocal w/o chorus by Mimirobo P

Song of A Snail with off vocal by rashly man

[Kaito] Soyogu Mahiru no Uta (ust) by Cien

Space Battleship Yamato[short-size] (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P / off vocal

Sparkler (ust) (a cappella) by Sahonyan P


SPICE! (ust) by Hai P

Spinning Song by DATEKEN / off vocal / nm6053623

Spinning Song (vsq & ust) by sango312 / off vocal / nm6053623

Spoil! (ust) by Lime (nm9571742)

Star☆dust (ust) with off vocal by polyline

[Bakemonogatari] Staple Stable (ust)
by masterchichan

[Remioromen] Stardust (ust) #16 by nm9956137 / Merihiyo P

Stardust Symphony by Chūhai P

Stardust Utopia (ust) by shao / off vocal / nm5988510

Starduster (ust) by umbrellaguns / off vocal / sm8541371

StargazeR (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

StargazeR (ust)
by idk

N/A Stepping on Your Shadow (ust) by N.H.P_livedoor

[Kanako Itō] still by Original P

[portal] Still Alive by Giuseppe

[portal] Still Alive by lordxwillie

[Vampire Knight] Still Doll (ust) by ThePianochan / off vocal

Strange Forests by nuko41

[Reborn!] Suberidai (ust) by koorima1

[AIR] Summer Lights (ust) by HARI / off vocal / nm4050424

Summer Sun Flower and Sparkler by Hayaya P / off vocal

[Vampire Knight] Suna no Oshiro (ust) by Cien *ask her the password on yt

Sunday's Melancholy (ust) with off vocal by strngblln (sm8882279)

Super Nova (ust) by Naruko / off vocal / nm9195773

Surprising Sniper [Kaito] [Rin & Len] by Bucchigiri P & Oyatsu P

Survivor (pass: nyan) by matt9five *DON'T. MAKE. LEN. OR. KAITO. SING. THIS.

Synchronicity3 by ForeverAcion / off vocalsm19618454

[Spice and Wolf] Tabi no Tochū (ust) by HatsuneMikuVocaloid2

Tako Luka★Maguro Fever (ust)
by Chuka / off vocal / sm6179221

tautology (ust) by UtauReni

Tears In Blue by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal

"Teary Dew"ism by Goki / off vocal

Teen Titans by Sango312

[Macross] Tenshi no Enogu (ust) by Kamaya P / midi by kei2

N/A Teto Teto☆Fire Endless Night (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

Teto tries to sing a short fairy (ust) / REAPER file by Mimirobo P

That's Love (ust) by DRILLBONE(nm9756643)

The Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~ (ust) by koorima1 / off vocal / sm10282629

The Application's Love (ust) by TDRloid / off vocal / sm2250148

The Beginning Comes From The Future by Chūhai P

[CLANNAD] The Big Dumpling Family by Aster Selene

The Carol of the Old Ones (pass: rlyeh) by sm6086521

The Dirty and Unmanly Force Urotander (ust) by noname

The Disappearance of Miku Hatsune (sheet music)
by sm8953143

The Confusion of Miku Hatsune (ust) by Sakuseisanbō & Jōhōin / off vocal / sm10114759

The Confusion of Miku Hatsune (ust) (pass: tei) by Kongetsu P / off vocal / sm10114759

The Dream a Caged Bird is Dreaming by Chūhai P

The Endless Love (ust) with off vocal VCV, CV by UtauReni / sm11515677

The Festival of Miketsu (ust) by navysky1995 / off vocal *click パソコンへ転送 / sm7624034

The First Flower Withered (ust) with off vocal by Kumori / sm10872261

[Rozen Maiden] The Forbidden Game by idk

[PandoraHearts] The Forbidden Game
by Cover P / sm10033237

[Paprika] The Girl in Byakkoya (ust) with off vocal by sango312

[Paprika] The Girl in Byakkoya (ust) by Cien

The Girl of The Magnetic Sea (vsq, ust) by Mimirobo P / off vocal / off vocal w/o chorus

[Darker than Black: Twins of the Meteor] The Guidepost of Moonlight (ust)
by sm11690262 /

N/A The Moment of Goodbye (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

The Purple Forest (ust) with off vocal by Lunastar14utauloids / watch?v=FDuFb5koFaQ

The Snow White Is... (ust) with off vocal by UtauReni / sm9797269

The Sounds You Gave Me (ust) by sm10732366 / sm2159091

[national anthem] The Star-Spangled Banner by sm10732366 lordxwillie

The Starry Sky (ust) by TheUTAUmania

Thoughtful Zombie (ust) by iraunl / off vocal / sm10955256

Thunder Amplifier (ust) by Kuroyama

Time Signal by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal

[School Days] To the Other Side of Sorrow (ust) by Dachorganisation

To Those Whose Life Is Fulfilled, Explore Yourself! by KAZU-k

Toeto (ust) by masterchichan

Tokyo Mew Mew Koi wa A'la Mode by Sango312

Tori no Uta by 5150

Toy World (ust) (pass: omotsa) by sm9809991

[Yui Aragaki] Transfer Picture (Utsushie) (ust) by Chimame / watch?v=CleewKjf4KQ&fmt=35

Treasure of Summer Colors with off vocal by Flag P

Trick and Treat (ust) (pass: trick) by Yōyō & Mayonaka

[STEAL!] TRUE EYES (ust) by Softcream P

True Self by NEET P

[Durarara!!] Trust Me (ust) by Kumataro

[D.Gray-Man] Tsunaida Te ni Kiss wo (ust) by Uchi0Chan

[Touhou] Tsurupettan (midi) by idk

Two-Breath Walking (ust) by Kuroyama

Two-Faced Errors (ust) with off vocal by foriamjustice / sm9632221

Two-Faced Lovers (ust) by Nanitozo P

Two-Faced Lovers (sheet music) by Takumi

U~Nya~Pu~ (ust) by Sango312

under the darkness (ust) by michi

under the darkness (ust) by mrmunou

[Bokurano] Uninstall (ust) by Cien

[Bokurano] Uninstall with off vocal by sango312

UTAU School Song (ust) by sm9858968

N/A Utopian (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

Visiting a Grave (sheet music)
by Tamāzu P / off vocal

Vivid Memories (ust)(midi) by Keiji / sm11185282

Voice by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal

N/A [Tsuki Amano] Voice (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P

Wanderlast (ust) by navysky1995

Warmth with off vocal by rashly man

Wash My Blood with midi by sango312 / off vocal (pass: lukalove) / sm6100649

We are POP☆CANDY! (Gumi) by Sango312

Wish by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal

Whale #12 by John P

What? Ah, I see (ust) by iraunl / off vocal / sm10122021

When I Tell Goodbye (ust, off vocal) by hidariuchi12

When Swindlers Start Laughing Out (ust) by ZettaSloooow

When The First Love Ends[short-size] (ust) by kitty07722

White Destiny by FullmetalFumfum

White Letter by Sango312

Whistle (ust) / off vocal by Mimirobo P

White Dove by Hadano P

Dove (ust) by UTAU XYZ

White Snow - On The Graduation Day - by NEET P

[Miku] Wide Knowledge of the Late, Madness (ust) by QuietButHappy

Winter Alice (ust) by Unakichi

Winter Tree (ust) (pass: utau) pass:utau by ametama 69 (sm5692474)

Who Will Be My Toy? by Mōmō Tarō

Why Don't You Call Me Yet? by sango312 / off vocal / sm6926837

Wisteria in Winter (ust) by USagiBi

World is Mine (ust) by noname

World is Mine by Reisen Udonge / off vocal *click パソコンへ転送 / sm3504435

World's End Dance Hall (ust) by VocaloidImai / off vocal / sm10759623

World's End Dance Hall (ust) by koorima1 / off vocal / sm10759623

Yellow(゚∀゚)Japanese Amberjack (ust) by Kumataro

Yuki vs. G - Showa Era Only★Girl (rap vsq) by Kagome P / off vocal

[Higurashi] You by Doro=Richnow

[Higurashi] You (ust) by TDRloid

You and beautiful world (ust) by Chuka / off vocal / sm7115526

Your Love Will Surely Skyrocket!☆ (ust) by iraunl / off vocal / sm7456991

Your Power by Morio-Morito / off vocal / sm8744102

Your Shadow (ust) by Kemono / off vocal

[Bakemonogatari] Your Unknown Story by non

[Bakemonogatari] Your Unknown Story (ust) by Kumataro

[Bakemonogatari] Your Unknown Story (ust) by namiko89

Youthful Days' Graffiti (ust) by koorima1 / off vocal / sm6298794

[Haruhi] Yuki, Muon, Madobe nite (ust) by Cien

[Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle] Yume no Tsubasa by milosci

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Anonymous said...

Correction: Teto Teto Fire Endless Night

Mintie said...

Thank you for such a wonderful list of vsq and ust! Some downloads don't work anymore, though.

motokokusanagi2009 said...

To Mintie
ty, I fixed the list ;)

Anonymous said...

There is a Shining Ray VSQ too, you can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw3AOK3iBTc
In the description.

ベラVamplette said...

Im on the list xD


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting all of these wonderful lists and usts!
I was wondering if there was a way to download from the huge list that Mikandonburi provided. When I click on the midi it opens in windows media but it doesn't download. Do I email that person? =3

motokokusanagi2009 said...

as for mikandonburi's site, right click and save it wherever u want ;)

motokokusanagi2009 said...

thx for the vsq info of shiningray :D

Anonymous said...

I can't download some usts in firemedias which names in japnese TT

motokokusanagi2009 said...

i need to know which ones u couldnt d/l exactly, so i can maybe fix it ;)

Anonymous said...

Flowers For You, Songs For Me (ust) by Refill

Iroha Song (ust) by kenchan

Labyrinth (ust) by Unakichi

two faced lover(ust) by otama

they are all uploaded in japanese. can you fix it to english? TT

Anonymous said...

Found an Old Radio VSQ here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUCI9P12q3U

motokokusanagi2009 said...

i took down iroha song bc it wasnt the one i wanted, everything else was fixed, i believe...

and thx for old radio ino ;) added on the list

足音P said...

Hi, I am Ashiotone-P.
I made the ust of Rain Sound in this page.
And I want you to correct the description.

by sm9414172 → by Ashiotone-P(sm9414172)

May I introduce my other usts?

「The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku」


The usts I made for the vid are here.


However the karaoke is not made by me. I used the piano-music by sm8953143.

motokokusanagi2009 said...

ty for another ust, Ahiotone-P

Anonymous said...

The list is great and a wonderful resource.
I'm just upset to see that Ahiotone-P is posting Anaka's DHM USTs around...

Anonymous said...

The list is awesome, thanks.
Please, could you write lyrics for 13's MeMoRy? There is a girl with wonderful voice, she really wants to sing it. She already has some... covers. For example:


Well, please, if you have the lyrics (not translation), send them to her profile or to this email: nikkimax@mail.ru

Better to both, i think. Anyway, we'll be waiting. Thanks.

motokokusanagi2009 said...

done, I PMed her ;)

Anonymous said...


Thank yoooou. ( ; A ; )

harukostrife said...

can you help??? i've been looking around for the lyrics to winter tree. mainly the romaji lyrics. do you think you can help?? thank you in advance!!!!

motokokusanagi2009 said...

ur welcome

check ur inbox :)

Anonymous said...

Teto Teto☆Fire Endless Night (ust) by Yurahonya P

>can you fix it's dl file name in english? I can't dl it...

motokokusanagi2009 said...

fixed Teto Teto☆Fire Endless Night (ust) by Yurahonya P :)

Nami-mi said...

Can u replace the link of the nicovid with the name namiko89 from youtube for Ballade and Aku no Musume ust?
here's the link to the vid with the ust
Ballade ust - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTrxPuQETQM
Aku no Musume ust - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UegSFzpxoOc
thank you

motokokusanagi2009 said...

sure, i changed them :)

Nami-mi said...

Thanks :D

Anonymous said...

Cendrillon (ust) by noname
can you fix it's dl file name in english? I can't dl it...

motokokusanagi2009 said...

fixed ;)

Aline said...

Hanayurikago UST:

Trust Me (Durarara) UST:

Happiness of Marionette UST:

Shinkai Summit UST:

Wanderlast UST:

Pane dhiria UST:

Passion UST:

N.S. said...

Sonezaki Double Suicide (ust) is make by me (navysky1995) ,can you change it ?Thank you
(Thank you to list a long VSQ/UST list for us!!)

motokokusanagi2009 said...

Aline, thx for the info

N.S. good to know who made the ust :)

Nami-mi said...

Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari UST

motokokusanagi2009 said...

thx, Nami-chan

Anonymous said...

Moments (by Ayumi Hamasaki) VSQ, MIDI and UST + Karaoke: http://www.mediafire.com/?ig1gjktjz4n

Felicia_Val said...

SETSUNA vsq i found:


original by Miku: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aPiy5F6hsA&feature=related

motokokusanagi2009 said...

thx for ur info guys~ :D

Anonymous said...

For some reason when I try to download Harunacute-P's Miku sketch and God Knows VSQ it comes up with 404 not found and when I click 'save link as...' it doesn't work either :/

Lance Caughey said...

Hay, i cant find the Skyscraper download like in the page its linked to

Nami-mi said...

something wrong with [Sketchbook ~full color's~] Sketchbook o Motta Mama by harunacuteP link D:

motokokusanagi2009 said...

those two links seem dead :3 im asking Harunacute-P if he/she will u/l them again. lets keep crossing our fingers.

as for skyscraper, i d/ed it from piapro and u/led it at mediafire. it should work now :)

足音P said...

Hi again.
This is 足音P(Ashiotone-P).
Fashion Fighter Mamura~ (ust) .

It's me who made the usts.TT
Please check the readme-txt-file in the zip file.

motokokusanagi2009 said...

oh thx :) but i havent d/led the ust so i didnt know who made the ust. i always check who from a tag or mylist for ur info ;)

Anonymous said...

Rollin' Girl (ust) by umbrellaguns

can you fix it's dl file name in english? I can't dl it...

motokokusanagi2009 said...


Anonymous said...

rolling girl megaupload can't see(site comes white)
sorry for your work and thanks TT

motokokusanagi2009 said...

now it's on mediafire

Nami-mi said...

My Break mp3, off vocal, text and ust (in Axfc) by ヒギンズP http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10345962

Myst [Katie F.] said...

I'd like to add my Hato(White Dove) UST, if possible - http://www.4shared.com/file/1j_Voima/Hato_UST_and_Karaoke.html

Nami-mi said...

Dreaming Leaf UST by nmasao from Nico
Nico link http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10340708

motokokusanagi2009 said...

thx guys~
i added 3 of them on the list :)

Anonymous said...

A satellite UST can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogqNHzO3yg8

Feli said...

There is an error. I downloaded the Stardust(ust) by Kenchan but that song is ballade, the demo song of Miku.

motokokusanagi2009 said...

thx for the info

i changed the title to 01 ballade, thx

Feli said...

I found a Bird of Paradise ust, but I'm not sure if we are allowed or not to use it...I guess we can, but I'm not sure >_< http://loda.jp/ruto_n/?id=16

motokokusanagi2009 said...

thx Feli~, i think we can cuz ive found a few nicowatchers have used it, yesterday i tried to looked it for but couldnt find it, so thank YOU!

Nami-mi said...

Chocolate Magic UST by nmasao http://www1.axfc.net/uploader/Sc/so/103894
Nico link http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10348813

LuciferxLafeye said...

Here are some Usts Ive made : D I figured id share! all by lafeye-P or luciferxlafeye

Escaflowne movie Sora - http://www.mediafire.com/?f2zmontdi5d

Shining wind ps2 game Heart shaped chant - http://www.mediafire.com/?qnu4mtld2ym

Macross frontier Do you remember love? - http://www.mediafire.com/?jnzzmmohjtn

Macross Frontier diamond crevasse - http://www.4shared.com/file/211344048/60f8db3/Diamond_Crevasse.html

Wolfs rain gravity - http://www.mediafire.com/?5nmymmddnkj

Feli said...

the Utopian UST by yurahonya is password protected and there isn't the password to download it T_T

motokokusanagi2009 said...

oops sorry
the password is yurahonya

Sutorumie said...

Greed's Accident (VSQ) by AsterSelene - http://www.mediafire.com/?irzzn2in2um

BPM (ust) by ArtemiSayuri - http://www.mediafire.com/?yntyizyyuzg

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have Coward Montblanc?

Invadershade1094 said...

The Tabi no Tochū UST is redirecting to the Mediafire main page. I can't download it D:

Aster Selene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aster Selene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aster Selene said...

Daughter of White (VSQ by me, AsterSelene) - http://www.mediafire.com/?gtwiz4zydym

motokokusanagi2009 said...

tabi no tochū, fixed :)

daughter of white --> ty~

Syn said...

When I try to download the ust of Voice, it takes me to some site and asks for a code to download. What's the code?

motokokusanagi2009 said...

yurahonya :)

Aster Selene said...

Please update Daughter of White - http://www.mediafire.com/?2m3jobjmmdh

motokokusanagi2009 said...


smeen said...

Yura Honya's USTs aren't very available at the moment, could you upload then onto MediaFire or something? (I tried downloading Electric Angel and Romeo and Cinderella)

motokokusanagi2009 said...

electric angel

romeo and cinderella

smeen said...

Thank you!

smeen said...

UST of Kanashimi no Mokou e can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCrnAHbnISc&feature=related

motokokusanagi2009 said...

OMG! thats my fav song! ty~

MikuLeekFetish said...

For Two Breaths Walking you need to download this esnips downloader thing. Could you put it onto mediafire please?

motokokusanagi2009 said...

use google chrome, u can d/l the file w/o the esnips thingy

ベラVamplette said...

Moto-san the Anti Holic ust link isnt correct.
heres the right link -> http://www1.axfc.net/uploader/Si/so/72809.zip

motokokusanagi2009 said...

fixed! ty

smeen said...

Y to Y UST can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LziXtJvXV9g&feature=related

motokokusanagi2009 said...

its already on the list
thx anyway ;)

Aline said...

For Anti the Infinite Holic, there's a better karaoke at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHxSdusAgdg

And another UST at:

motokokusanagi2009 said...

that ust is done by midorimushi and already on the list
thx anyway :)

smeen said...

Why don't you call me yet? USY by sango here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0m2EN9gKdk&playnext_from=TL&videos=_cMeJLD1Cjg&feature=sub

motokokusanagi2009 said...

another my fav song @.@ ty~

Nami-mi said...

SING & SMILE ust link are link to download an UTAU rea o.o

motokokusanagi2009 said...

ah, sorry i thought it was a ust file >.<
deleted from the list

addison said...

eight hundred's UST link is broken...

motokokusanagi2009 said...

the author seemed to have deleted it :/

addison said...

SOB. I love that song.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye to Alice UST:

Credit to Ezri. ^^

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where is torikonP's 独房ステラシアタ ust? I can't find in his blog...

Sutorumie said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVN6LbGuyHs - rain stain UST

vio. said...

I think the Aigekikikou ust is corrupt. The UST in there only covers half of the song...

Sutorumie said...

VSQ for Showasen★Girl: http://piapro.jp/content/00h67867mrluf212

smeen said...

Another Stargazer UST can be found here, I don't know who made it. http://ux.getuploader.com/rounejing_UST/

Aster Selene said...

http://www.4shared.com/file/485puTIq/coward_ust.html (Coward Mont Blanc)
ust is not by me. It's by KAInE.

Anonymous said...

new ust+karaoke http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUa-F0NjTu8

smeen said...

Snow Promenade UST here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tt-rsSnAe18

Axl said...

Sorry but the link to LOL -Lots Of Laugh- , is to the download of Teto singing, that is the link to the UST :


(sorry for the bad english ^^')

KrystalCherryBlossom said...

The IevanPolkka UST is just a bunch of questionmarks on each UST. :<
I made one myself with correct lyrics and it being ontime
It includes the karaoke, UST, and midi it was made from.

Also, I had made an Innocence UST a couple months ago, and released it... derp, maybe a week or two ago.
Includes karaoke and UST.
sm10056869 for nico link.

both UST are credit KrystalCherryBlossom/Luna ^^

long post is long.

Rave said...

Hey, the deep forest ust is mine, could you put up it was made by Rave?

motokokusanagi2009 said...

sure~, done ;)

Hikari Miyuki said...

Sorry for disturbing, but can you put in brackets (IshimaruMisheru from youtube) for The Daughter of Evil -velvet mix- ust by HikariMiyuki?

ppl get confused when I comment ^^"

Daughter of Evil -velvet mix- (ust) by HikariMiyuki (IshimaruMisheru)

thanks for reading. ^^

motokokusanagi2009 said...

np ;)

Nami-mi said...

Mirishira Romeo and Cinderella (Romeo and Cinderella -Ignorance-) UST by masao


motokokusanagi2009 said...

wow u r rly good at finding a rare ust @.@

Anonymous said...

I made these two recently :D Please share!
Two-faced Errors UST+OKE
Futari no Mojipittan +OKE

Anonymous said...

Please, I need help. I'm looking for the VSQ of the song called Alice (Made by Furukawa-P), but i don't have luck. the vsq exist? or exist an ust? -sorry for my bad english ><"-

Avri said...

Um, There's a few UST's(or .vsq's) I'm looking for >///< God Slaying Machine by Hatsune Miku/Yowane Haku, and From Your hands by Miku/Kaito. They're both rare songs so...uhh....yeah.

motokokusanagi2009 said...

Either vsq or ust for Alice exists but unfortunately none of them is an open file as fas as I know.

Anonymous said...

Harcest (ust) (pass: harvest) by Miwaseto / karaoke / sm8128297

I can't DL it. it comes to error site...TT can you fix it? pleeeeease!

Anonymous said...

>>oh it works...IP error. sorry for disturbing!

umbrellaguns said...

Hi, this is umbrellaguns, just like to add:
Accordion at the Golden Sunset: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7Qmot7cf8c
Chain Girl:

Banoetelchan said...

Hi here is Banoetelchan, again :D
I want to add my UST!

For a dead girl+:

Banoetelchan said...

Here is Banoetelchan!
Want to share a UST

Lost story:

N.S. said...

Hi! I am navysky1995!
I want to share two UST was made by me

The festival of Miketsu(Miketsu no Matsuri)

First Tone(hajimete no oto)

Thank You

umbrellaguns said...

Sharing Melancholic UST

Anonymous said...

umbrellaguns again haha-
I made a UST for Starduster:


Dako said...

The Junkey Dancer UST seems to be password protected... would you happen to have the password for downloading it? c:

motokokusanagi2009 said...

oops, didnt know its password protected lol
the password is utau

Anonymous said...

The Music Box of Time .ust id password blocked as well. The password is the persons username (rainyday)

N.S. said...

navysky1995 again
I want to share a UST I made
Pinky Promise(yubikiri)

Anonymous said...

Moonlight Total Eclipse (ust) (pass: moonlight) by Miwaseto / karaoke / sm8796761

The file DL gets error. does it delected?

motokokusanagi2009 said...

Moonlight Total Eclipse (ust) (pass: moonlight) by Miwaseto / karaoke / sm8796761

seems like the author has decided not to provide his/her UST files, not sure if its temporarily or e\permanent

YoyoSama said...

please change "± (ust) by Yoyopines"
to "± (ust) by YoyoSama-P" and " sm8793313" is link for yuki's version but the original singer is miku ^ ^". and please delete the renai-circulation vsq because its MY (yoyosama-P/yoyopines) ust -CONVERTED- by youkou-chan xD

Banoetelchan said...

Hi, it's me, Banoetelchan.
I want to share my ust.

"Despair" (+Karaoke)

Banoetelchan said...

Wah I'm sorry ><
It's "Despair" http://www.mediafire.com/?ds9dcbdvu64urcl

Aster Selene said...

Paradise Lost (Ga-Rei -Zero- OP)
ust: http://www.mediafire.com/?cyv62u3b497w96j
VSQ: http://www.mediafire.com/?p9pa1bv9a5jac3m

Aster Selene said...

Actually, new links.
VSQ: http://www.mediafire.com/?qz3c232bot5dfub
ust: http://www.mediafire.com/?2xvt3n3r14yz63z

Aster Selene said...

Braveheart (VSQ): http://www.mediafire.com/?d1v6c5bc68xx8d3

Aster Selene said...

...and a new link for Braveheart (sigh) http://www.mediafire.com/?zqf49qh3gamgk24

Aline said...

I found the link for Stardust Utopia UST:

Dako said...

Heyyy I'd like to post a couple of USTs I've made~

Eh? Ah, Sou.: http://www.mediafire.com/?d2vmmwtgtymzum2

Marionette Syndrome: http://www.mediafire.com/?tk0y61b8wzcynce

Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro (short version): http://www.mediafire.com/?ghtmbhmqjz1

Rekkarecycle: http://www.mediafire.com/?kb4z4a55xl1dqft

Thoughtful Zombie: http://www.mediafire.com/?j9iq6j8ja45j2d1

Your Love Will Surely Skyrocket!☆: http://www.mediafire.com/?mkztmnnm4zw

Samyoi said...

Hello, this is TheSaymoi from YT.
First off, I'd like to say thank you for this wonderful compilation of USTs. It's very helpful. :)
Secondly, I'd just like to request that you add a few that I've made to the list~:

My Time: http://www.mediafire.com/?9w3vg9hgqx4nc4d

Hatafutte Parade! (full Italy ver.): http://www.mediafire.com/?njepedm86b19c59

Thank you in advance! c:

Aster Selene said...

Dango Daikazoku / The Big Dango Family (vsq): http://www.mediafire.com/?aeojwy7c4c1duiw

Aster Selene said...

Greed's accident (full) http://www.mediafire.com/?osa0zbjuw0v5zmu Keep this separate from the short version. The full version cannot be used for MMD

Aline said...

Butterfly by SMiLE.dk:

Whoa, that VSQ was unnoticed for almost a whole year~

Aster Selene said...

Song of Eared Robot karaoke links are both dead

Aster Selene said...

Hey...If anyone here has my Braveheart vsq, can you send it to me at asterselene@gmail.com? The download link is screwing up, and I don't have a backup copy

Aster Selene said...

Campanella UST by Chasing Fireflies: http://www.4shared.com/file/ZlzNO57u/Campanella_UST.html

New link for Braveheart: http://www.mediafire.com/?9e54ev8jqm71v8d

SPIKE said...

Bakuchi Dancer, [Gintama: Shinyaku Benizakura-Hen](movie ending song). UST:


Full Moon Dinner, UST:
(Karaoke included)

Original from Kagamine Rin & Len:

Both USTs by OkitaLeanP ^^

Aster Selene said...

Yet another Braveheart link (stupid mediafire). http://www.mediafire.com/?tbd818ivzjs12cs

SPIKE said...

Another "Mischievous Function" (UST), this time by OkitaLeanP

Karaoke is included.

Saymoi said...

The Suna No Oshiro UST download does not work anymore. I asked Cien about it, and she said that from now on people need to message her (HatsuneMikuVocaloid2) on YT to ask for the password for the download.

LunaStar14 said...

I made a UST of "The Purple Forest" if you'd like to post it on here. It also includes the off vocal mp3.


Also, thank you for this amazing list of USTs and VSQs!

frostsprite said...

Aaaw, the download link to Realm of Clouds is broken D: Anyone out there who can put up another one?

Umbrellaguns said...

Hope UST:

Anonymous said...

uhm is there a VSQ/UST/Midi or something from Kagamine Len's Hanagumori and/or his Boku to Arisu in Wonderland? (;ω ;) would love you forever (>A<)b *smooch*

Anonymous said...

Mind replacing the old 'Just Be Friends' link (Sango312's) with the new one?

Thank you!

Peachy said...

Iroha Song is broken :/

Luna said...

Would you mind adding 'Nazotoki/The riddler who can't solve riddles' Next to the name on the 'Charade' UST?
People are getting it confused xD;;
thanks a bunch ouo

Unknown said...

[THE IDOLM@STER] Agent Yoru wo Yuku (ust) by fuchikoma / sm12543 link is a dead link, can you please reupload this file thanks!

Dachorganisation said...


I've made several USTs and I figured I might as well share them here. :U

Ai No Uta [ Pikmin ] - http://www.mediafire.com/?zwwzgwimzmg

Crazy Clown - http://www.mediafire.com/?x6etio19s1b1m59

Gekokujou - http://www.mediafire.com/?uykotjxlmfcicmh

Hope ver 1.0 [ Umineko no Naku Koro Ni ] - http://www.mediafire.com/?dmneknrwygq

Circle You, Circle You - http://www.mediafire.com/?1dtlgmj3bjo

Sakura Biyori [ BLEACH ] - http://www.mediafire.com/?69c7kjy456fo7oe

Dear You ~Kind~ [ Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni ] - http://www.4shared.com/file/GS1tw_hW/Dear_You_KIND_UST.html

Anonymous said...

I can't download the Butterfly (Fatal Frame 2) O.O is there something wrong?? O.o

Yue/Mario said...


^ There are a few .usts I made here \^u^/

And then some more:

Hotel Haldyn

Kodoku no Hikari

= u=

~from scarfutan

RakuenIvy said...

The correct password for Fatal Frame: Chou is either


I forgot which one it was, but one of them should be it ^^ You can also find the password on the author's site ^^

Anonymous said...

@ RakuenIvy

Thanks xD

Unknown said...

I (Yorunai) made an Alice in Dreamland UST here http://www.mediafire.com/?16n8gfoggo1ufye

Aster Selene said...

katokou's "Disappearance" link is dead.


It's katokou's, a reupload. "Carol" edited it a bit, but katokou's terms allow such a thing if a copy is sent to him.

velveteen said...

umbrellaguns UST for COIN (original by buzzG):

Aster Selene said...


Please link the forum post, not the individual VSQ links. Otherwise proper crediting might not be done.

Aster Selene said...

Updated Daughter of White VSQ.


Angstyteenmuffin said...

Here is the ust for the 'Venus to Jesus TVSIZE'. From the anime Arakawa Under the Bridge.

SPIKE said...

'Time Machine' by Hatsune Miku.

UST by OkitaLean: http://handbear.nl/spike/extra/ust/timemachine_ust.zip


Chasing Fireflies said...

Hi! I made a UST for Our 16Bit Warz if you'd like to include it on the list:

Thanks so much, this website has been really helpful! ^__^

Kagene Himeka said...

i'm make ust for rin rin signal
and also sorry to you

Rin Rin Signal

Sorry to you

Aninterestinusername said...

I made a Cheap Time Disco ust


Aster Selene said...


"HONEY" as in the Sakine Meiko cover. UST by me. Includes karaoke.

Hikari Miyuki said...

Uhm I'll be editing my Daughter of Evil Velvet mix ust, going to fix it a bit and make a hiragana version too.

Just noting.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'd like to share a ust i made for 'This Is Halloween' from the movie 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'.

I've posted it on YouTube if you'd like to hear it first.

Here's the download link.

season3 said...

Hey, I'd like to share some vsqs I have
http://www.mediafire.com/?5w65njmgxew7g (there's a bunch in there) I'm AlexBells on youtube.

darkninjavn said...

I make some vsqs here.
I'm darkninjavn on youtube.

Ricki_Triki said...

i do a "Rip=release" and "Rin Rin Signal" files, VSQ, Midi and Intrumental

Ricki_Triki said...

mi channel is clandangosama

Anonymous said...

can you replace the link to leo...its broken >BC

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm PrinceCosplay from Youtube and I would like it if you would post the link to my ust for What's Color. http://www.mediafire.com/?japeswkk66ia6j4

Anonymous said...

thank you for this awesome list :)

anyway can you fix the link for Leo ust? i guess it's broken.
when i open the link it tells me something like file not found.
by any chance anyone knows the working link for Leo UST/VSQ?

biggie thanks :)

darkninjavn said...

Ash Like Snow (Gundam 00 OP2) vsq by me

Watch Movies and TV Series Online said...

I love music. I'm glad I stay here

Anonymous said...

I'd like to share my ust too :)

In the Ateliesta Ruins (CosMo@bsp)

Yesi-chan said...

I've made a few usts which you can find here: http://camilamelodia.blogspot.com/2010/02/ust-downloads.html

Some of these include:

LOL-lots of laugh- pass: lolcamilita
Cant I Even Dream
Reverse Rainbow
What's color? (harmonies only)
Green Green

~Yesi-chan (gaticaeitan on Youtube)

Banoetelchan said...

Hi, it's Banoetelchan :D
I wanted to add an UST

Kudryavka + Karaoke

Anonymous said...

uhm, what's the pw for:

Disappearance of Miku Hatsune (ust) by Ashiotone P / karaoke by sm8953143


NekoVanessaUzumaki said...

Hello, I'd like to make a request >3< of a UST for the following songs:

Until Rebirth

I've got the download links for the Karaoke/Instrumental versions already.. They are as follows:

DIARRHEA http://www.mediafire.com/?mmo5ztr1znn
KUGUTSU http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J5KOJJE5
Until Rebirth http://www.mediafire.com/?x4oq5wrnzz4

Arigatou >3<!

rokurin said...

NEL ust: http://www.mediafire.com/?s1lngfjl9ihl7lb
Password: 6LIN
Author: rokurin

I love this site ffffffff

Unknown said...

Does anyone have a UST for Kero ⑨ Destiny (Touhou, Silver Forest)?

Anonymous said...

Anywone knows any midi, ust or vsq of DYE?

darkninjavn said...

Suteki da ne: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?biyv9bpravwd8ds
Crystal Quartz: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2n4nlaoa60g852e
Tori no uta: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wjvd8octir7r71y

all by me.

Shinami said...

I made a UST for Yuragi (Tremor in english) a while back. The karaoke is contained in the zip folder. As a small note, it's a romaji UST.


Please list the UST maker as EmptyBlankAccount, my YouTube name.

Aninterestinusername said...

In addition to the Cheap Time Disco ust I made a while ago, I also made usts for

rb http://www.mediafire.com/?h33subxc790bh9z (the karaoke is included in the rar file)


Melt Rap Remix http://www.mediafire.com/?o5v7drhoitd90p6 (it's an add on ust so it just has the rap parts)

Shinami said...

Actually, since you haven't posted it yet, please list my Yuragi UST as made by Shinami. I was indicisive when I posted the link, which is why I defaulted to my YouTube name that's unnecessarily long.

Anonymous said...

I made some UST and VSQ:

Tailor Shop In Enbizaka:

Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru:

Last Song:

Iroha Song (female lyrics)

Eight Hundred:

Dissappearance of Hatsune Miku (Full)

And Regret Message:

Credits to: Whitewolf480 (My name on Youtube)

Anonymous said...

Some usts I made.

Bye Bye: http://www.mediafire.com/?2dpr530mdne3jb1

Erin's clinic that people queue up for: http://www.mediafire.com/?0e77s1kmsvfw5ls

No Logic:

Triangle☆Girl's Heart:

Strobo Nights:

Turn it into Love:


Credits to: ThatFiddlerOnTheRoof (Youtube)

Anonymous said...

Eh, More of Whitewolf480 (Youtube)
Mosaik Roll:

Looking For You In The Sky:


Anonymous said...

More of Yorunai.


Megurihime Buyoukyoku, Tengaku and Yuuyami to Orange.

Anonymous said...

"I'm looking for the VSQ of the song called Alice (Made by Furukawa-P).."
Hello, Anonymous-kun! I made it special 4 you!


Bito said...

One from me :)
Evil food eater conchita

Anonymous said...

whats the password to Mozaik Role???

OcarinaLink24 said...

Hi! I made a UST for Sayonara Goodbye by Miku, feel free to put it on the list!


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