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[Lyrics][Trans][Miku] Koi wa Sensō / Love is War


lyrics & music: ryo / off vocal

*I use Macron when romanizing.

mō ikiba ga nai wa kono koi no netsuryō

haiiro no kumo monokuro no kensō
hizashi wa kageri yūgure wa iro o kaete iku

sekai ga nijinde soredemo sukide irareruka nante
wakatteru kedo dōsureba iino
dōshitara dōsureba
baka dana... watashi

hajimeru noyo kore wa sensō
ureshisōna kimi o miru nante!
setsunaru koi sore wa tsumi
misete ageru watashi no omoi o

sakende mita megaphone wa kowareteta no
doredake senobi shitatte kimi no shikai ni hairanai

ah itsuno manika hareta sora zenzen niawanai
kimochi ga osaerarenakute
dōshitara dōsureba

naite nanka nain dakara ne


tatakau noyo heart o ute
shudan nante erande rarenai
skirt hirari mise tsukeru noyo
kimi no shisen ubatte miseru no

keigeki yōi
senkyō wa imada furi nano desu
koi wa mōmoku
kimi no kuchizuke de me ga sameru no


もう行き場がないわ この恋の熱量

灰色の雲 モノクロの喧噪
日差しはかげり 夕暮れは色を変えていく

世界がにじんで それでも好きでいられるかなんて
わかってる けどどうすればいいの
どうしたら どうすれば
バカだな… わたし

始めるのよ これは戦争
切なる恋 それは罪
見せてあげる わたしの想いを

どれだけ背伸びしたって 君の視界に入らない

嗚呼、いつの間にか晴れた空 全然似合わない
どうしたら どうすれば

泣いてなんか ないんだからね


たたかうのよ ハートを撃て


[non singable Eng. translation] thx to Neibaku for proofreading

I can no longer take control of it
This love heat quantity is overwhelming

Clouds are gray
The hustle and bustle lost its color
As the sun is setting, the color of dusk changes

The world is blurry with tears
Yet, that I'm in love with you is obvious
But what should I do?
What should I do? How should I do?
Silly me...

Let me begin a war, yes this is a war
I can't stand you being delighted with someone else
Obsessed by such an eager love is a sin
Let me show you how sinful my love is

I tried to scream only to find the megaphone is broken
How hard I overextend myself, you won't see me

Ah, the sky is completely clear, though doesn't suit me
I can't bottle up my feelings
What should I do? How should I do?

I'm not crying, don't tell me I am

I love you

Let me fight to shoot your heart
I don't care no matter what it takes
I'll show off my skirt flirting
To make you see me

Ready to intercept
The war situation yet sucks
Love is blind
But I'll wake up when you kiss me!

[translyrics by SirEdeonX]

Now there is nowhere to hide
When it shoots straight to your heart
(love is a war)

You're leaving me again
I wish I could make you stay another night
You're in just for a stand
Please forgive me if I don't know how to hide

Love is our destiny
I'll keep you close to me
Till you come back
Cuz love is a mystery
If you keep being gone to me
I can't hold on

I won't let you down
I'll stand just by your side
I'll wash the bloodshed right off your clothes when the war stops
If only prayers worked
If only it was right
I love you and I won't let you go, not without a fight

I'm screaming in again
The pain is too hard for me to satisfy
The dreams in my head sting
The colors they bring are all to make me cry

Love is a misery
Please don't forget me
And please come back
Cuz love is a mystery
If you keep being gone to me
I can't hold on

I won't let you down
I'll stand just by your side
I'll wash the bloodshed right off your clothes when the war stops
If only prayers worked
If only it was right
I hate it and I won't let you go, I will learn to

We can't be apart
I'll shoot straight to your heart
I love you and I won't let you go, not without a fight!
Oh, when the war stops
I'll save you from the sore
I love you and I won't let you go, this love is a war

[translyrics by RibbonAquaDropsVer2]

This dark world is coming to an end.
I've got no reason to live on now.


Grey clouds cover up the sky.
All the colors mesh, Until they are one.
Why is it I see the Sun, when still there is no light?
I wish, the dawn would break soon.

Ahh~ I can not see a thing Like this.
Even so, will I still be able to love you?
I don't know.
What can I do to love you, what can I do, what can I do?

I'm so stupid.

But still I~
I will let the war begin, and this time I will win!
It makes me so unhappy to see you with someone else!
My love is the real thing! Why don't you notice me?
Someday you'll see the feelings that I hold for you inside!!


I screamed with my broken heart
and my MEGAPHONE, didn't help at all.
I want you to look at me, to be all you can see,
But as always I fail, and you turn away.

Ahh~ The sky is clearing up, I wonder why~
Still all I see is my broken heart.
I need you love,.
What can I do to get it, what can I do, what can I do?

I will not shed a tear, That's not what I would do.

I love you so!
I will fight this to the end!
I know that I will win.
I'll shoot right for your heart I know that that is the soft spot~
I will get your eyes on me~
I will make you notice me!
I'll make you see the feelings that I hold for you inside~

I will intercept you heart!
I have the disadvantage but I know that I will win
love is blind! It makes me sick!
I will sleep through anything except for possibly your kiss~

[translyrics by Maralenne]

This love , I didn't want to let go
I have no place to, return to


Gray clouds covered up my soul
Monochrome bustle and changes the mode
Sunlight shadows my entrier heart
and the dusk change it's natural colour

Ah! Even though the world is like this
I will still love you, no matter how your feeling
I know I can't stay by right your side anymore, I can't
what should I do
or maybe I'm
just stupid

now's the time I have to say , about how I strayed
I but I cannot because you ran away with another girl
I'll always love you and that is what I've done
my heart will tell you that the war has begun

My megaphone's broken
I scearmed so hard I shattered it into pieces
I tried so hard to reach up to sky
but fail to get into your sight

Ah! The skys clearing up and i see bright blue sky
why did you have to come out ?
I can't hold my pain and feelings in myself anymore
How can i hold it ?

I am not crying, I have no tears with me


now's the time to get you, get the pain out of me
There no time for me to select any opition
My skirt is futtlering, make sure you look at me
If I see your eyes , I'll stop this war...

Get ready to love me (get ready to love me)
there are disadvantages for this war
Love is blind , its war
I'll wake when you kiss me ,because this love is war

[translyrics by KouYamiAura]

The heat that my heart has made for you
Is starting to lose its faithful way ah

The sky fading out to grey
Monochrome sounds and sights bustle
Sunlight casts darker shadows
As bright colors fade to the dusk that slowly conquers

Ah All around us the world is blurred
I want to know if I will still feel my love for you
But I dont know, what should I do bout this from now on?
What should I do, oh, how could I?

Oh what a fool, Ive become

Ill fire off the starting shots; I know that this is war!
That smile that I see upon your face for someone else!
To share an earnest love; to share an earnest sin
These tactics that I show will tell you how I really feel

Theres something wrong with this MEGAPHONE that I have been trying to scream through
How hard that I have tried to reach out far away to finally be the one in your sight

Ah, but when did the skies up ahead clear away?
It doesnt seem fitting for this time
And I cant hold on to my feelings that I have, What can I do, oh, how should I

All these tears that want to flow, but no, my heart knows better
Oh, I love you

Fight out these unspoken wars, Hearts are enemies
No matter what will happen I need to shoot out at you
My SKIRT flutter, perhaps,
I will show you in the end that Ill keep hold of your eyes

Be prepared to intercept!
I dont care if the odds of this battle are against me

They all say that love is blind
Yeah, Ill be the victor in the end wake me to your kiss!

[translyrics by Littlekat]

Gray clouds block the skies above
monochrome figures cast in shadow
the sunlight will not guide your way
it's lost
through those memories that you favor
ah, the world is slowly changing colors
it can't be true
how could you make such a cruel mistake?
I trusted you
and every word you said to me
What should I do to get to you?
What a fool...

...that I am!

Grab your shields and your sword
'cause surely this means war!
I did all that you said and you still wanted more
this vision that I see
is real sin to me
let's end this battle quickly
so that I can set you free


I tried calling out your name
but the megaphone couldn't reach to you
my broken heart skipped a beat
a small hope from the look you gave me
I can waver
ah, a beam of light escapes from the dark sky
but this scene doesn't look right to me
I clench my jaw
to keep these words from spilling out
I can't think of one thing to say to you
to tell the honest truth
all these tears will speak for me...


...I still love you!

I'll keep fighting 'till the end
my heart you will not bend
I've had enough of you, I don't believe a word you've said
you were wrong about me, being modest is the key
I'm not being greedy, just winning a game of your foolery
Welcome to the final round
the bombs are flying highspeed waiting 'till they hit the ground
don't you know that love is war?
I'll show you all my feelings until I can feel no...

"There's nothing you can do to make me hate you...**laughs**"

"You know, I don't know you...but I'd like to."


[translyrics by fyri52]

There's nowhere left for me to go
The heat of this love, burns me now

The grey clouds above me
Monochrome clamors, surround me
The sunlight casts a shadow, revealing my heart
The twilight changes its color

Ah, the world blurs along with my sight,
and I wonder, will I still love you?
I know I will, but now what can I do?
How can I? What should I?
I am a fool. I truly...

I'll fight until our hearts soar. Because this is a war
All I want is too see your smiling face again
Take all passion within, this love called a sin
Open me up and see all the feelings that dwell within.

It is forever broken, the megaphone I
shout into constantly
No matter where I am, you're so far from me
I am no longer in your field of sight

Ah, before I knew it, the sky cleared
It's brilliant blue, didn't suit me at all
I can't hold back, these feelings that have lain dormant
How can I? What should I...?

Because I will no longer shed anymore tears

I love you

I fought from the very start
Aiming for your heart
This is not the way I wanted our love to be
Watch as I take my stance, I will make my advance
So your gaze is forever locked on me

Prepare for a counterstrike
I keep on fighting even though, I know I will lose
Love is a blinding force
My eyes are closed until your kiss makes me forever yours

[translyrics by Raeptree]

I sit, and with no where else to go,
I will scream out loud, my love for you!

Dark clouds, they are mocking me,
As I pray for sun, No one hears me!
The world changes it color,
But to only me, my love for you is still gray!

Ahh, my vision of the world, it blurs,
But even so, my love for you will stay the same,

Its obvious, but after all of that what I-
What can I do, what will I do?
I am a fool, I DECLARE-

War onto our beating hearts,
Because this is a war!
All want to see is you happy and say that youre in love!
But all the love I give, to you its just a sin!
Ill show you that my love for you is honestly real!

Screaming out loud into, broken megaphone, what is the point any more?
Now, Im silent how can you, my love notice me since I am nothing but a child?

Ahh, the sky is finally clearing up, but my love, no part of it has changed at all!
I cant get a hold of my feelings right now, oh what can I do, How do I . . .
I told you Im not sad, and I refuse to cry for you.


Let us fight until the death!
Come, shoot me in the heart!
Theres already a hole and it is killing me, inside!
Now watch carefully, my love!
See the flicker of my skirt!
Cause some how will make you set your blood shot eyes at me- oooh~

Now I have declared a war-
Onto our love because you fail to notice me at all!
Love is blind,
And I hope soon,
Your loving kiss will wake me from this horrible nightmare!

[translyrics by JoyDreamerJourney]

There is simply nowhere it can run
Love heat burning me, why can't you see?


See those gray clouds over me, some kind of monochrome shouting at me
Sunlight casts a shadow here, the twilight changes, its color, it's drawing too near

Ahh, the world is getting blurry now, and even so, can my heart still love you somehow?
I know it's true - yet I do not know what I should do oh.
What can I do, what should I do?
I am a fool... His play tool!

Let's start fighting don't ask how, this war I will allow
Just seeing you so happy I could kill myself right now
Ardent L-O-V-E - That is a sin to me
I'll show you all my feelings 'cause emotion it's my key

The megaphone I used, to shout to your heart, it has been torn apart
But it does not matter now, how far I reach and why, 'cause I'll never make it to your eye sight

Ahh, the sky is now so clear, I didn't notice
The sun on my path doesn't suit my tears
I can't hold on, my feelings are out of my reach
What can I do, what should I do?

Because you know I'm not going to cry 'cause of you
I love you, see?

I was fighting from the start, I'm shooting at your heart
I didn't choose this path, you did and you will feel my wrath
I'll show off and let the wind, just blow by and show my skin
I'll steal your gaze away until I'll finally have the win

Are you ready for my act?
This war I'm fighting is a fact and is still a drawback
Love is blind, and love's a bliss
The only way for me to see is by your loving kiss

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