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[Lyrics][Miku] Luna ~Sea Fairy~


music & lyrics: Travolta P mp3 karaoke
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*I use Macron when romanizing.

fukai fukai umi no soko de
zutto zutto anata o matsu

watashi wa anata no koto o zutto mukashi kara shitteru yo
anata wa watashi no koto o kitto shiriwa sinai deshō ne

oshiete moonlight todokete

watashi no sugata o mitara kitto kiraware chaun darōna
korewa kinjirareta koi sō wakatte irunoda keredo

tsutaetai omoi o

hoshi no kirei na mangetsu no yoru ni
iwaba ni suwari tameiki o hitotsu
fui ni arawareta itishī hito to
me to me ga atte shimatta

hajimari? soretomo owari? muchū de nigete shimatta
dōshiyō dōshitan darō kowaino? ureshīno?


tsukihi ga nagare ano toki to onaji iwaba ni suwari iki o totonoete
kondo no watashi wa chigau soshite futatabi meguri atta...

ルナ ~海の妖精~

深い深い 海の底で
ずっとずっと あなたを待つ

私はあなたの事を ずっと昔から知ってるよ
あなたは私の事を きっと知りはしないでしょうね

教えてムーンライト 届けて

私の姿を見たら きっと嫌われちゃうんだろうな
これは禁じられた恋 そう分かっているのだけれど

伝えたい 想いを


始まり?それとも終わり? 夢中で逃げてしまった
どうしよう どうしたんだろう 怖いの?嬉しいの?


月日が流れあの時と同じ 岩場に座り息を整えて
今度の私は違う そして再び巡り会った・・・

[Eng. translyrics by RENA]

It's so deep, it's so deep
At the bottom of the sea
I'm always, I'm always
Waiting for you down here

I have always belonged only to you
And I had always known that simple thing
You have always belonged only to me
And I'm sure that you never really knew that

It told you, the moonlight
It sent to you, ah

You saw me rising from below the waters
And I'm sure that from then you hated me
You then knew that this love was forbidden love
And I had always known that simple thing

I want to say
My true feelings

The stars seem prettier on a night with the full moon
I give a sigh while I wait on top of the rock face
Then in a single moment the beloved I've waited for
Our eyes met beautifully, oh eye to eye

Is it the start? Or is it the end?
Or am I just trying to escape with dreams
What should I do, what is wrong with this
Is it scary? Or am I happy?

I don't know which...
What should I do...

Time went by as everyday passed slowly as ever
Sitting on rocks and getting ready to take my first breaths
Now I'm different than the person I was then
Now I will wait until I meet you once again...

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