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[Lyrics][Miku] Melt


lyrics & music: ryo karaoke / karaoke (AnnmeltsP ver.)
Learn more about ryo here.
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*I use Macron when romanizing.

asa me ga samete
massaki ni omoi ukabu kimi no koto
omoi kitte maegami o kitta
"dōshitano?" tte kikare takute

pink no skirt ohana no kami kazari
sashite dekakeru no
kyō no watashi wa kawaii noyo!

melt tokete shimaisō
sukida nante zettai ni ienai... dakedo
melt me mo awaserare nai
koi ni koi nante shinaiwa watashi
datte kimi no koto ga... suki nano

tenki yohō ga uso o tsuita
dosha buri no ame ga furu
kaban ni ireta mama no ori tatame gasa ureshiku nai
tameiki o tsuita sonna toki

"shōga nai kara haitte yaru" nante
tonari ni iru kimi ga warau
koi ni ochiru oto ga shita

melt iki gatsumari sō
kimi ni fureteru migite ga furueru
takanaru mune hanbunko no kasa
te o nobaseba todoku kyori dōshiyō...!
omoi yo todoke kimi ni

onegai jikan o tomete nakisō nano
demo ureshikute shinde shimau wa!

melt eki ni tsuite shimau...
mō aenai chikakute tōi yo dakara
melt te o tsunaide arukitai!
mō bye bye shinakucha ikenai no?
ima sugu watashi o dakishimete!
...nante ne


朝 目が覚めて
真っ先に思い浮かぶ 君のこと
思い切って 前髪を切った
「どうしたの?」って 聞かれたくて

ピンクのスカート お花の髪飾り
さして 出かけるの

メルト 溶けてしまいそう
好きだなんて 絶対にいえない… だけど
メルト 目も合わせられない
恋に恋なんてしないわ わたし
だって 君のことが …好きなの

天気予報が ウソをついた
カバンに入れたままの オリタタミ傘 うれしくない
ためいきをついた そんなとき

隣にいる きみが笑う

メルト 息がつまりそう
君に触れてる右手が 震える
高鳴る胸 はんぶんこの傘
手を伸ばせば届く距離 どうしよう…!
想いよ届け 君に

お願い時間を止めて 泣きそうなの
でも嬉しくて 死んでしまうわ!

メルト 駅に着いてしまう…
もう会えない 近くて 遠いよ だから
メルト 手をつないで歩きたい!
今すぐ わたしを抱きしめて!

[translyrics by preyx]

Wakin' up in the morning,
I had only one thought inside my mind.
Yes, it was you.

Had a haircut the other day,
So you could notice and then say to me,
"Why the new style?"

I throw my jacket on and the silver skull ring on my right hand.
I step outside and tell myself,
Today, you will see how bright I really can be!

MERUTO! I'm melting as I think of you.
And even so, I'm too shy to say that

However, MERUTO!
I can't even look at your eyes.
However will I get my feelings across to you?
It's you that is holding my heart still,
After all.

Forecast this morning,
Was wrong and left me unprepared again.
Now I'm caught in the rain.

Could've got an umbrella.
From a store somewhere and then I heard her sigh.
I see a girl leave. Oh, was it you? And then, I say,

"Do you mind if I walk with you," as you unfold the parasol.
I hope you didn't see my face was burning red,
And now I am falling in love with you!

MERUTO! Oh, I am hardly breathing!
As our hands touch, you'll see,
I'm trembling! My heart beats hard.
All of this just because we're sharing this umbrella!
Just nearly close enough, to feel your breath.
Oh, what to do...

Oh, please, God, just stop time forever.
This waterfall of tears has started. Don't know if it'll ever stop.
But I'm so happy now,
That I could just die!

MERUTO! The time of parting has arrived.
Though we will meet again, oh, until then, you'll disappear.
And again, MERUTO! Oh, God, please tie us forever!
Already missing you, I never want
to say goodbye.
I take you in my arms and say "I love you,"
...In my dreams.

[translyrics by Katerinu2]

As I tumbled out of bed,
There was only one thought that had crossed my mind
Yes, it was you

So I got my haircut
Maybe now you will notice me and then you'll ask,
"Why the new style?"

I put on my favorite outfit and a bracelet on my right hand
I step outside and tell myself,
Today is the day that you will see the real me!

I'm melting! I'm melting at the thought of you
But even so, I'm still way to shy to say anything

Oh God, I'm melting!
I can't even look in your eyes
So how will I get my feelings across to you now?
After all, it's you who holds my heart "captivated"

The forecast this morning,
Was wrong and so now I'm left out in the rain
I should have seen this

"I could'a grabbed an umbrella"
I said, then noticed a girl leave with a heavy sigh
She was with you, I thought, 'Is she your girlfriend?'

"Do you mind if I walk with you?" I ask as you unfold your umbrella
I hope you didn't see my face was burning red,
As I fall even more in love with you!

Melting! Oh, I'm finding it hard to breath!
As our hands meet, you can feel I'm trembling!
My hearts racing
All of this just because we're sharing an umbrella!
I'm close enough to feel your warm breath against my cheek
I don't know what to say, I don't know...

I pray to God, "Oh, please, make this moment last a little longer"
Then I start crying tears of joy, will they ever stop?

Melting! The time of parting has arrived
Will we meet again or will you dissappear forever more?
And again, I'm melting! Oh, God, please tie us together!
I already miss you, I never want to say "Good-Bye!"
I pray for the day you take me, say, "I love you"
But that's in my dreams

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