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[Lyrics][Miku] Nisoku Hokō / Two-Breath Walking


lyrics & music: DECO*27 karaoke
Learn more about DECO*27 here

*I use Macron when romanizing.

"kore wa boku no shinka no katei no ichi page desu"

daki shime tai kara nihon ashi de aruku
hitori ja samishī kara kimi to iki suru yo

"nē mama boku suki na hito ga dekita nda"

aitai yo
nē kimi wa ima goro dareno chichi o sutte ikiteru no?
kotoba wa mō oboeta kana?

"papa mama nina"
"yoku dekimashita ima sugu iku ne"

are? okashī na...

kimi o daki shimeru tame ni ukaseta maeashi ga
naze ka kimi o kizu tsuke hajimeru nda
oboe tate no kotoba datte kimi ni tsuki sasu knife
kiri saku life

"jā atashi ga knife hanatsu mae no sono kuchi o
kono kuchi de fusaide age mashō"

aitai no chū
kimi wa ima kara atashi no iki o sutte ikiteku no
kotoba wa mō daeki de sabi tsuita

nē kimi wa ima sara boku no iki o sutte
"dai suki" da nante itte miseru kedo
sore nara mō isso bonbe no yōni isshō
boku ga haku kotoba sutte iki taete



抱きしめたいから 2本足で歩く
一人じゃ寂しいから 君と息するよ





覚えたての言葉だって 君に突き刺すナイフ   



それならもういっそ ボンベのように一生

[translyrics by ReicheruCharin]

This is just the first page of my continuing evolution of life, yeah

Because I wanted to hold you, I learnt how to walk closer
Because I sometimes get lonely, I learnt how to breathe with you

Hey Mama, guess what, at last I found someone that I really like
Are you happy?

Before now
Did you know how to look after yourself, I wonder
Who is the one feeding you this time?
Are these words ones you learned or just copied?

Papa, Mama, everyone

What’s this? Something’s wrong...

When I stepped forward to embrace you with these two arms of mine
Somehow they only begun to hurt you more and more with every moment

Words that I normally do not speak are like the cutting edges of a pair of knives
Breaking both of our lives
But before I go to pull out the knife
One thing needs to be done, needs to be felt
So I’ll meet my lips with yours

Kissing you
Now you are staying alive
By drinking the pure breath from my lungs
All the words you once knew are just melting and dripping thickly from our mouths

Hey, you are cautiously pulling away to break my breath and say
“I am in love with you,” whispered in a wanton tone of voice
If you’re gonna make that choice, please quiet all the noise
Just breathe with me and listen to my unspoken words

[translyrics by Mr0ctober]

This is the, first page, of my evolution. Now watch as this story of mine unfolds

From these two feet I took my step, Just so I can hold you tightly
From the fear of myself all alone, I walk so I wont be that lonely

[Hey mama! I just cant stop this feeling deep down in my heart]
["That's part of love"]

I want you

Hey, right now, I still remember when I first said I loved you
Even though, Its been a while but I hope you still recall those words

[Papa, Mama, Teddy Bear]
["Your growing so fast I swear"]
sorry, but I gotta go . . .
Oh wait, somethings wrong (there's something to do)

When I start to reach my hands to hold you tight, there's something I felt just aint right
As I noticed that your face no longer held that simple smile I liked

Having been reminded by that face of yours
I realized that it wasn't you, instead these
words of mine were like knives that coldly shine

Before these blades can escape from my mouth
you took not only your lips, but also my lips with these two they met and joined

Between Us

Hey, just now, when I breathed out, did you not steal that breath away
Now as one, your lips my lips your breath my breath reflects each other in every way

Hey, so now, each breath you take is mine and then you say "I love you"
But if you're gonna do that I have but one request.

Please, whenever I breathe in, breath in with me as well
and listen to these words that are hidden deep in my heart

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Anonymous said...

"kiri saku knife"

it should be "kiri saku life", shouldn't it ?

motokokusanagi2009 said...

oh xD
ty for pointing it out ;)

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