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[Lyrics][Miku] Black★Rock Shooter


lyrics & music: ryo mp3 karaoke
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*I use Macron when romanizing.

black rock shooter doko e itta no?
kikoe masu ka?

ato dore dake sakebeba īno darō
ato dore dake nakeba īno darō
mō yamete watashi wa mō hashire nai itsuka yume mita sekai ga tojiru
makkura de akari mo nai kuzure kaketa kono michi de
aru hazumo nai ano toki no kibō ga mieta ki ga shita


black rock shooter natsukashī kioku
tada tanoshikatta ano koro o
black rock shooter demo ugoke nai yo
yami o kakeru hoshi ni negai o mō ichido dake hashiru kara

kowakute furueru koe de tsubuyaku watashi no namae o yonde
yoake o idaku sora kyōkai sen made no kyori ato mō ippo todokanai
koraeta namida ga afure sō nano ima shita o mukanai de
tomatte shimau
mirai o ikite itain da wakatta no omoi dashite
tsuyoku tsuyoku shinjiru no

sō yo

black rock shooter yasashī nioi
itai yo tsurai yo nomikomu kotoba
black rock shooter ugoite kono ashi!
sekai o koete

saisho kara wakatte ita koko ni iru koto o
watashi no naka no subete no yūki ga
hi o tomoshite
mō nigenai yo

black rock shooter hitori ja nai yo
koe o agete naitatte kamawanai
black rock shooter miteite kureru
ima kara hajimaru no watashi no monogatari

wasure sōni nattara kono uta o
utau no


ブラックロックシューター 何処へ行ったの?

もうやめて わたしはもう走れない いつか夢見た世界が閉じる
真っ暗で明かりもない 崩れかけたこの道で


ブラックロックシューター 懐かしい記憶
ブラックロックシューター でも動けないよ
闇を駆ける星に願いを もう一度だけ走るから

怖くて震える声でつぶやく わたしの名前を呼んで
夜明けを抱く空 境界線までの距離 あともう一歩届かない
こらえた涙があふれそうなの 今下を向かないで
未来を生きていたいんだ わかったの 思い出して
強く 強く 信じるの


ブラックロックシューター 優しい匂い
痛いよ 辛いよ 飲み込む言葉
ブラックロックシューター 動いてこの足!

最初からわかっていた ここにいることを
わたしのなかの 全ての勇気が

ブラックロックシューター ひとりじゃないよ
ブラックロックシューター 見ていてくれる
今からはじまるの わたしの物語

忘れそうになったら この歌を

[translyrics by anon & Luschka]

Black Rock Shooter, oh where did you go?
and can you hear me now?

How much further do you expect me to shout it out?
How much further do you expect me to cry it out?
that is enough, I am completely through
with running away
someday I'll close in on the world I'd dreamed of

night has fallen on the world, I'm totally lost
the road is about to collapss,It's breaking down
but I believe there's hope buried undeaneath
beneath it all
I'm telling you it's not a fantasy

are you there?

black rock shooter, nostalgic memories
of times that were simply enjoyable
black rock shooter, but I still can't move at all
I wish upon a star to help me escape
Just one more chance to run from this darkness

with a frightened and trembling voice I murmured softly
"Please call out my name someone-anyone!"
this sky that embraces the sunrise
I am only just
one small step away from reaching this great boundary

these tears I've held feel like they'll poor out any second now
I can't look down now or I'll be stuck for sure
I dare say that this is not the end, I bwlieve in the future
I remember, with all my might I must trust in

that's right

black rock shooter, fragrant memories
but my heart hurts, it bleeds when I choke on words
black rock shooter, I just need to take a step
I will cross through
to the world

Now I know the truth
it wasn't you that ran away from reality
I've come back down to earth
I promise you that I'll never..
are you listening?I'll never get away!

black rock shooter, I am not alone!
I don't care if you don't care
I'll expose my weakness
Black rock shooter, hey look at me now!
don't miss it, here it begins
my own life, my journey

call me whenever you feel hopeless, don't forget
I'll sing this song for you

[translyrics by MikuruSongbird354]

Black Rock Shooter, where did you run off to?
Can you hear my call?

How much more should I shout and raise my voice so you hear me?
How much more should I cry and scream out loud so you hear me?
Stop it already, I cant run from this nonsense anymore
The world that I once dreamed about to close up

On this pitch-black and unlit road in my path
It starts to crumble right before my eyes
I felt like I should see the shining light of hope from back then,
But it cant exist anymore
Tell me why

Black Rock Shooter, they were nostalgic moments
They all were simply filled up with the fun times we have had
Black Rock Shooter, I cant feel anything
I wish upon the shooting stars, because Ill runaway just once more

Im scared of everything that has been surrounding me,
I whisper with a trembling voice, Call my name
The sky that is embracing to the dawn, in the distance point
To the boundary where I cant reach it in another step

Tears that I fought back are about to overflow;
Now I come to a halt without looking down
Recalling that I know I want to live in the future
I firmly, firmly believe in everything
That is right

Black Rock Shooter, there is a tender scent
All though it hurts, I know its tough, but I swallow those words
Black Rock Shooter, move with all your might!
Overcome the world weve dreamed

Since the beginning of time, Id known Im here
Youve helped me believe in everything
All of the courage inside of me light the fire in my heart
And its all thanks to you
I wont flee anymore

Black Rock Shooter, youre not alone in this world
I dont mind even if you cry with a loud voice
Black Rock Shooter, you will be watching me
We will become stronger than one
My story will begin from now

When you seem to be forgetting everything,
Ill sing this song

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