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[Lyrics][Miku][Rin][Len] Kurai Mori no Circus / Dark Woods Circus


lyrics & music: Machigerīta P mp3 karaoke
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*I use Macron when romanizing.

mori none oku no oku ni aru nda sono circus
zachō wa ōkina me ni takai se jū me~toru

cast wa minna yukai katachi wa hen dakeredo
tottemo tanoshī nda! kurai mori no circus!

futatsu atama misemono igyō no utahime ni
tsumetai mono taberu no aoi kemono ga

nozomarete umarete kita wake ja nai kono karada
nande sonna me de mite iru no kao ga kusatteku

"kurushī yo kurushikute shikata ga nai" to

kanojo wa itta nda sore demo kono circus wa tsuzuku nda

tanoshī yo tanoshī yo kono circus wa tanoshī
kusatta mi tokeru me ni tadareta hada ga utsuru no

shini tai yo shini tai yo koko kara dashite kudasai

"sore wa muri na koto" to dareka ga itte ita ki ga suru





望まれて生まれてきたわけじゃない この身体
なんでそんな目で見ているの 顔が腐ってく


彼女は言ったんだ それでもこのサーカスは続くんだ

楽しいよ楽しいよ このサーカスは楽しい
腐った実 熔ける目に 爛れた肌が映るの

死にたいよ死にたいよ ここから出してください


[translyrics by Neibaku]

In the woods
Deep in the darkness
There it lies
The dark circus.

The chairman
With his wide eyes
And stilted height
Of ten meters.

The actors
Trampled and misshapen.
Their bodies
Odd but also
At the cirus
Deep in the dark woods.

A two headed person ----show
A singing chimera wonder and
Something that eats his own kind
A blue beast that you see here.

We never hoped for this life
That a cruel god gave to us
Why do people watch me with eyes that say
"A decaying face!"

It's painful
It's so very painful is what she said to me
But still it goes
The circus goes without any reguard to what we feel.

We're having fun
We're having fun
We're having fun at this circus
Rotting apples
Rotting apple eyes have weathered skins.

Please kill me
Please kill me
Please kill me to get me out of this place
I once had asked and got replied
With "No, that's asking the impossible."

[translyrics by peachandhoney]

Ah, you're here, you're here!
We will be presenting to you tonight the sad fate that some of this world carry with them.
Children whom God has abandoned, struggling to avoid being cast away in the gutters.
Children who can't even carry the trembling limbs they were born with.
These children cry out, accidentally, without reason, words distorted by their malformed tongues
As the dark clouds of misery grace their little heads.
They smile as they dream of their mother's embrace, long gone...
Oh, the deformity!
Drop by and see the show tonight...
Drop by and see the show...

Deep in the woods, far beyond all the trees
Follow the road, don't be afraid of it
Come join the fun, come join the revelry
Come join the fun at Dark Woods Circus

The characters here, they look so very strange
Wide, beaming smiles, all staring down at you
But it is all good-natured fun and games
Here at the show at the Dark Woods Circus

One with two heads on the same body
A diva deformed without will to sing
Lastly, a monster that feasts upon the frozen limbs and pieces of his own kind

Anyone at all would dare to love me in this wretched form that I carry now?
Please tell me why you look at me with those eyes? It's so painful, that haunting stare
It hurts to be, yes it hurts to be so but hurting is better than nothing at all
It's what she said, so we continue this circus for eternity

But it's so much fun! It's so much fun! This circus is so much fun
I let a sigh for my clouded eyes, I feel they are rotting but it's no surprise
I want to die, I just want to die, Won't anyone free me from this prison of life?
But there's no escape from this awful fate, for all of us this life is the only way.

They turn and twist their deformed selves to try and be normal
But still they cannot even walk down the city streets as anyone else would
Everyone knows the feeling, illuminated by the streetlights, but not them.
This child must cower and cry alone.
I suppose the shadows are cast long on these little ones.
Trying to fit into the normality of all of you.
Whether it's your first visit, returning, or if you're alone...
Come one, come all
Drop by and see the show tonight...
Drop by and see the show... at the Dark Woods Circus...

...it's fun.

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