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[Lyrics][UTAU] Mimi no aru Robot no Uta / Song of Eared Robot


lyrics & music: Mimirobo P mp3 karaoke

*I use Macron when romanizing.

matometa nara komakaku tsutsunde
kage o yokete koko made oide
yuku sakizaki tadoru michi shirube
tazune aruki koko made oide

kuchita kotoba neji rareta kotoba
shizumu kotoba sore demo tsuzure
hitotsu futatsu tsurane tsunaga reta
phoneme no retsu ito imi o mote

kakusareta Markov no
saiyū no na no moto ni

koi o shite koi o shite koi o shite
furare mata sute rarete
kako o mite eda o kire
nakitaku nattemo mada N o fuyase

tabi no mae ni tsuketa inritsu no
igi wa soko ni kotoba wa doko ni
ue e shita e uneru FR no
catathesisno arika o sagure

iki o kirashi nami ni nose rareta
para gengo no ito imi o kike
iki o sutete tsuzurareta kotoba
uzu maki made tashikani yurase


koi o shite koi o shite
aki rarete furare mata sute rarete
en o egake akaku nure
naki taku nattemo sore demo kaki atsume

mae o mite kaji o tore
naki taku nai nara mata utae utae
koi o shite koi o shitesono kako o sutete koko made oide


まとめたなら 細かく包んで
影をよけて ここまでおいで
ゆく先々 たどる道しるべ
たずね歩き ここまでおいで

朽ちた言葉 ねじられた言葉
沈む言葉 それでも綴れ
ひとつふたつ つらね つながれた
phonemeの列 意図 意味をもて

隠された マルコフの

恋をして 恋をして 恋をして
ふられ また 捨てられて
過去をみて 枝を切れ
泣きたくなっても まだ N を増やせ

旅の前に付けた 韻律の
意義はそこに 言葉はどこに
上へ 下へ うねるFOの

息を切らし 波に乗せられた
パラ言語の 意図 意味を聴け
息を捨てて 綴られた言葉
うずまきまで たしかに 揺らせ


恋をして 恋をして
飽きられて ふられ また捨てられて
円を描け 赤く塗れ
泣きたくなっても それでも かき集め

前を見て 舵を取れ
泣きたくないなら また 歌え歌え
恋をして 恋をして
その過去を 捨てて ここまでおいで

[translyrics by Neibaku]

Gather all of the things that would help protect you against
The shadows of which you never want to walk through
Go foward, disreguard everything but the future
Don't be afraid to ask to stay always by their side
Words you could never speak only get contorted
Even so you should still write them down before they sink
Two different types combine to make only one meaning
The phoneme made into exactly what was wanted

Hidden among us is that Markov
At least that's what it's probably called

I think I'm in love I think I'm in love
I think I'm in love even though I know I'm nothing new
See past the branches that hinder your sight
Increase the levels of N and you'll stop crying

Traveling long ago on the beat of poetry
Does it all have a meaning? You should write it down for me
Goals that have no purpose undulate between ones that do
While we are still trying to find what might happen
Waving back and forth so that your breath can run out
There still is the secret paralanguage to suggest
That you're only waving to avoid having to write down
Why your whirlpool feelings keep shaking, vibrating

I think I'm in love I think I'm in love
Even though I've grown tired of being nothing new
Draw a big circle and paint it red
Maybe when there's enough colour then I won't ever cry

Look before you steer this life into dust
You don't want to cry again you only want to sing
I think I'm in love I think I'm in love
Throw away the past that you can't ever seem to forget

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