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[Lyrics][Trans][Rin] Secret Crush


lyrics & music: Pianissimo mp3 karaoke

*I use Macron when romanizing.

ame ga furi sosogu mado no soro
kimi no namae yubi de nazotta
ima wa dare to issho ni iru no?
dare o mitsumete iru no darō

dore dake negatte mo
kimi no tonari ni tate nai no naraba
kiri totta omoi o
tokasu koto ga deki tara īnoni

yasashī uso de kizu tsukete
ima wa honno sukoshi kimi no chikaku ni
semete yume no naka dake de
namae o yobu koto o yurushite

ame wa tsuyoku kiri saite yuku no
kimi tono tsunagari no subete o
karami awa nakunatta haguruma
nido to mawaru koto wa nai

nikumō to suru hodo
itoshī kimochi ga afure deru kara
kimi eno kimochi nado
wasurete shimaeta nara īnoni

amai toki de obore sasete ima wa
hontō ha wakatte iru kara
semete semete
tada ichido dake demo boku no namae o...

itsu no hi nika kono omoi ga
kiete naku natte mo
boku no naka no kimi wa
zutto ano toki no mama

dōka dōka waratte ite
ima ijō ni
dokoka shra nai hoshi no shita de
kimi ga egao nara īnda

tsutae rare nakatta ano kotoba ga
ima mo mune no naka mogaku no
dakara kuchibiru no katachi dake de iu wa
"daisuki datta" to

Secret Crush



今は ほんの少し君の近くに




ずっと あの時のまま



[Eng. translation] thx to Neibaku for proofreading

The falling rain outside the window
I traced your name with my fingers
Who are you with now?
Who are you staring at?

No matter how hard I pray,
I have no chance to stand next to you
If so, I wish I could melt away
The fragments of my feelings

Hurting you with gentle lies,
I've become closer to you a little
At the very least in my dreams
Let me call your name

Rain is, with full might, cutting through
Everything connected to you
The track that got off
Can never get back to gear

As I try to hate you,
My love toward you is overwhelming
So, I wish I could forget
All the feelings I have for you

Let me get soaked with sweet time just for now
I know what is true
Please at the very least
Let me hear you call my name...

Even if one day
This feelings go away,
I want you in my heart
To stay as you were at that time forever

Please, Please keep smiling
More than you are now
As long as you're smiling under the unknown starry sky
I'm satisfied

The words I couldn't tell you are
Scrabbling in my mind even now
So, I'll tell it without sounds
"I loved you so much."

[translyrics by AznCafe]

In the cold, the falling rain fogged up my windows.
With my hand, I traced your name on top of the glass
Who on earth could you be with as of right now?
Who on earth could your gaze be locked upon?

No matter how hard I pray and ask,
My chances of being with you do not even exist
Because that is sadly the case
I wish my feelings left for you would just melt away

Forgive me for hurting you with gentle lies
But at least I have become a little more close to you
The only time that Im able to call out your name
is in the sweetest bits of my dreams

With great might, the cold rain is cutting right through
All the things that held both you and I together
Oh the road that we were on seemed to disappear
We will not be able to get back on

As I try to stop my crush with hate
All my love toward you only seems to be growing every day.
This is why I wish I could forget
The thoughts of my heart and every feeling I had for you.

Just allow me to drown in the sweet rain for now, dont worry
I know the truth, this moment isnt even real
Just this once, Just this once
When this is not a dream, would you please call out my name?

Yes I know, days will go by and maybe someday
My feelings for you will disappear
And yet, I want you in my heart
forever. I hope that you will

Stay the same, I ask that you keep smiling
More than you are now
So long as I know that youre smiling under the
stars. I will be content. I wont fight anymore.

There were so many words I couldnt tell you before.
Now they are scattered throughout the thoughts inside of my mind
So as such, I guess I will have to tell you silently without sounds
I loved you so much my dear.

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