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[Lyrics][Miku] 1925


lyrics & music: T-POCKET karaoke

*I use Macron when romanizing.

itaike na motion
furi kireru tention
igai igai
ikeru mono ne

kuri kaesu mondō
kotae nara muyō
kirai kirai shibara nai de

hitori bocchi no "bocchi" o osu no
yamete yoshite no mōsō deni

kae nai mono nado nai no desu
tenjite ieba nani mono nimo
nedan o tsukete uru no desu
sontoku no kanjō wa nai no

honnori to shōshō
chira mise no honshō
zurui zurui kawaiku nai

sore naraba kō shiyō
zuru muke no honshō
kusai kusai hashita nai wa

machigai sagashi no pair look
are to kore to sore to dore

aki tara gum o suteru yōni
arata na koi o sagasu dōri
puzzle no deko boko igai nimo
dare to demo hamaru yōda

furi shikiru ame no naka tomaru beki ikari o sute
jinsei wa "kōkai" to iu na no funatabi da

saegiru mono o ageru naraba
kokoro to dōtoku hōritsu ka
otakai kabe mo tōmawari o
shita narab hora


"ai" towa nanzo to toware reba
sore wa "watgashi" to kotae yōzo
hibi ware shinikui dake nanode daiya nado iranai no desu










降りしきる雨の中 止まるべき錨を捨て

したならば ほら

你好 안녕하세요 สวัสดี Xin Chào Selamt siang
Selamt sore नमस्कार नमस्ते
வணக்கம் שָׁלוֹם
Hello السلام علیکم Merhaba سلام علیکم
ԲարեՎ Здравствуйте Привет
Γεια σαζ Γεια σου
Добьр Buon giorno Ciao


[translyrics by Mitsumushi]

oh such a pitiful motion,
it worn out my tension
it works, it works, better than i though

repetitive question, but no one wants solutions
i hate, i hate, i hate being tied

i touch "some" of lonesomeness as i play to myself
"oh no, oh stop it please."
my fantasy goes wild
there's nothing u cant buy with money in this world
or u can take it this way, i bet u'll like this
everything is for sale, just put the price tag on
oh loss or gain, why should i care?

it shows little by little, the raw truth is subtle
so sly, so sly, not pretty to my eyes
now here is something i know, so strip yourself for a show
it stinks, it stinks, this shameless act
let's find the add one out in imperfect matching look
it's this, it's that, it's those, it's them
so which is what?

spit out those old and flavorless love
and just take the fresher mint, it makes more sense
you might have thought that jigsaw is hard to fit around
but my piece seems to mate with anyone

soaked in such a lashing rain
i threw away my anchor, now i cant stop
life, it's a rough sea journey
so let's give a name to my ship
it's called "REGRET"

obstacles, u ask? then shall i name them?
it's a heart, it's a moral, it's law and order
thanks for this mighty wall, but u know what
we will take a roundabout and say "Hello!"

"What is love?" u ask, then shall i tell u?
the answer is "Myself," as simple as that
i dont need a diamond thats pretty and hard
crackless perfection, why would i care?

[translyrics by ninjawolves]

Oh such a pitiful motion,
Wearing out my tension
It works, it works, better than I thought.

Repetitive questions, but no one wants solutions.
I hate, I hate, I hate this restraint

I switch on to "Lonliness" and then begin to pray.
"Oh no, oh stop it please."
Uncontrollable dreams...
There's nothing you can't buy with money in this world
Or if I were to rephrase, in my own terms:
"Everything is for sale, just put the price tag on."
Oh loss or gain, why should I care?

It shows little by little, the raw truth is subtle
so sly, so sly, not pretty to the eye.
Now I can see the true sin, strip down to your bare skin
it reeks, it reeks, this shameless act
Looking for the one out of place and "perfecting" the world
It's this, it's that, it's them
So which do you want?

Spit out the old love that has lost its flavor
And just take the fresher mint, without a fight
You thought that the jigsaw is hard to fit around
But my piece seems to fit anywhere.

Sailing in a never-ending storm
I threw away my anchor now there's no stopping.
Life, is a rough sea journey
So let's give a name to my ship that's fitting
such as "REGRET"

"Obstacles", you ask? Then shall I name them off?
Our hearts, our morals, a sense of what's right?
Even if you plan to put a giant wall up front,
We will take a roundabout and say "Hello!"

"What is love?", would you rather hear the truth?
It's something that you LOse or giVE straight out.
I dont need a diamond that's solid and bright,
"Crackless perfection", why should I care?

[translyrics by HitTheHighNotes]

Innocent motion, overpowered tension,
Just as I planned, I walk through
Repeating question, with no confession,
This hate, this hate, is all for you!

With only one push, I've become lonely
And I beg you stop, this only

Nothing can possibly be bought
It can only be sold
For a price you'd long ago forgot
Our only emotions are cold

With just one look, of your true self
It's not fair, not pretty at all
Instinct then comes out, all by itself
With no regrets, we recall

Find one difference, the one that's similar
That, this, it, and which familiar...

Chew me up, your favorite gum
Then throw me out when you are done
Putting together- endless fun
Just as you planned, it fits with anyone

In the end the rain falls painlessly,
The anchor that I used is now...
A voyage, life is this, you can't see?
"Regret"- this is my only vow...

There are three things you must know:
Heart, moral, law- just take it slow
If the wall is too high to climb
Just walk around, all it takes is time

When I asked the meaning of love,
You're answer, is just of:
"Love is hate, and hate is a whore~"
But a polished diamond, I'm lookin' for.

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