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I'm an indifferent Lenfag & Oliverfag mistranslator :3 You can use any translations I've done w/o crediting me but not the ones done by other awesome people. This blog is a Vocaloid DB for myself and hopefully for you as well. I hardly read any comments both on my yt channel and blog, so plz don't expect me to reply.


English Translation Request List

I'll take your request as a suggestion. Also, I sometimes ask other translators if they want to translate any of your requests.

Leave a youtube link or nicovideo link.

Khozen0 will translate this

ghostsubs will translate this

hokorichan will translate this

1angelette might translate this

I'll translate this

I might translate this

tenryuu will translate this

I might translate this

I might translate this.

I might translate this

I'll translate this.

I'll translate this

Hatsune Miku -Loose of male virginity <-- need a link -_-

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Aster Selene said...

I often find this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUZwP9GAKr4 gets no love.

Krystal said...

Hey! My friend wants a translation for Miku Append's first demo song, Night Rainbow. Think you could poke someone who's interested for her? ='D


ک!мþℓعмэи†э ναℓкуяιє✿ said...

:3 Hi motoko really love your blog nwn I only ask 4 this songs:
Kiyoteru & yuuki - Teacher and student game love (english and/or romaji)
Kagamine rin - la fiesta
Hatsune Miku -Loose of male virginity (only with the kanji or romaji I'd be happy! =D)

Anonymous said...

Please could you translate this one?

Lala said...

I would like to read the translation of this please: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm5210060

You could also put the romaji if you want. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'd really love a translation of this: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11526354

motokokusanagi2009 said...

Calc. translated by ikuy398

Suukei said...

Translate this?

Aërendyll said...

Distance is already translated by the song author. There's an English (Luka only) version on NicoVideo.

Anonymous said...

This one sounds pretty^^Could you translate it?

Anonymous said...

Could you translate this? ;u;

Anonymous said...


i was just wondering if you could have this translated thanks alot

best regards


Anonymous said...

I love your translations! Can you translate these two Len append songs for me?



Anonymous said...

Hi!! I love the translation in your blog.
Can you translate this song



can you translate ren'ai yuusha 恋愛勇者


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