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[Lyrics][Trans][Luka] envy.


lyrics & music: FULLKAWA P mp3 karaoke

*I use Macron when romanizing.

kareta hibi ga mata yurete ita
ieba sō sore made no hibi mo owaru

kimi ga tōku natte
kono mama kiete shimatte
"itsuka wa wasurete shimau hi ga kuru" to

kaze ni mi o yudane sono mama otona ni natte
bokura wa wasure yōto suru

kyō wa shidai ni yoru ni nari sōda
namida ga arai nagasu hazu to omotte tan daro?

kimi wa furi kaette chīsaku te o futta
kinō ni kōkai ni wakare o tsugeru yōni

itami o nigitte sono mama me o fusete
wasure yō wasure yō to suru

kimi ga tōku natte
sono mama kiete shimatte
"itsuka wa kono hi o omoi daseru yo" to

utsumuita kutsu no saki no
yūhi ga someta aka o bokura wa wasure yō to suru


枯れた日々が また揺れていた



涙が洗い流すはず、と 思ってたんだろ?

君は振り返って 小さく手を振った。



夕日が染めた赤を 僕らは忘れようとする。

[non singable translation by xxKMSakura]

The dead days are shaking again
Speaking, yes, those days are also over.
You've been far, that also remains to disappear
"Someday I will forget this day," was said.
Those with their backs to the wind, just like an adult
We forget them.
Today seems to be gradually falling to night
We will wash away the tears, isn't that what we thought?
You looked back and waved with your small hand.
Yesterday, with repentance, will be big in style
This pain will, with downcast eyes intact
Forget, forget it.
You've been far, that also remains to disappear
"Someday I'll remember this day," was said.
Those with their shoes pointed down, just like a setting sun dyed red
We forget them.

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