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[Lyrics][Trans][Miku] clock lock works


lyrics & music: Hachi mp3 karaoke

*I use Macron when romanizing.

pappara hataraku yasumu koto naku
ro do ro do ran ran ra
kuri kasehi no mainichi
ki ga tsukeba maigo no neko no yō

dokka de dareka ga ire kawarō to
ma no ma no ran ran ra
dare mo kizuka nai
hitasura ni sūji o okkaketa

kokoro no okusoko niwa kagi o kaketa tobira
"baka geteru" sō ī kikasete wa
knock no oto o mushi shita

"kawara nai" to akiramete
tatazumu tokei no hari ni seka sareru
yume naraba yorokonde
"hoshi ni negai goto o" to majime na kao de

tick-tock hatarake baka geta heishi
gattan gattan ran ran ra
shusha sentaku yōi don
ki ga tsukeba makkuro kuzu no yō

asa to yoru to ga ire kawarō to
no ma no ma ran ran ra
dare mo ki ni shinai
donyoku ni sūji o okkaketa

tobira no mukō kara kasuka ni moreru koe
"shikata nai" to hiza tatete
heya no sumikko de chīsaku basei o haku
doko demo ī tsure dashite
ōji sama nante kuru hazu mo naku

"konbanwa ohayō gozai masu"
tobira no mukō de dareka ga iu
"daijōbu kagi wa akezu tomo"
"koko kara anata ni todoku desho?"

sonna hanashi wa kiki taku nai
kiki taku nai iya kiki taku nai
nē nē doko nimo ika nai de
soba ni ite hanashi o kikasete

"kudara nai" to uso tsuite
sore demo dareka ni kizuite hoshikute
tsumetakute furetaku nai
itsumade tatte mo kagi wa ake rarezu ni

hitsugi no naka hataraite
"sore demo mā" nante ītaku wa nai wa
hari wa mawaru itsu made mo
yasashī knock no oto de naite shimau

clock lock work

ロ ド ロ ド ランランラ

マ ノ マ ノ ランランラ

心の奥底には 鍵をかけた扉
「馬鹿げてる」 そう言い聞かせては

「変わらない」と 諦めて
夢ならば 喜んで
「星に願い事を」と 真面目な顔で

ガッタン ガッタン ランランラ
取捨選択 よーいどん
気がつけば真っ黒 屑の様

ノ マ ノ マ ランランラ

扉の向こうから 微かに漏れる声

「仕方ない」と 膝立てて
何処でもいい 連れ出して
王子様なんて 来るはずも無く

「こんばんは おはようございます」

聞きたくない 嫌 聞きたくない
ねぇねぇ 何処にも行かないで
側にいて 話を聞かせて

「下らない」と 嘘吐(つ)いて
冷たくて 触れたくない

棺の中 働いて
針は回る いつまでも

[non singable Eng. translation] thx to Neibaku for proofreading

Pappara I indefatigably work hard
Ro Do Ro Do Ranranra
Same thing different day
I found myself lost my way like a stray cat

Some people are trying to change with someone else somewhere
Ma No Ma No Ranranra
Nobody cares but
I chased numbers 24/7

Deep inside my heart the door is locked
Ridiculous, telling myself,
I ignored the knock

Nothing will change, letting it go,
I get rushed by the stopped clock hands
If it's a dream, I'll gratefully
Wish upon a star I said seriously

Tick-tock Work, you stupid soldiers
Gattan Gattan Ranranra
Make a choice, ready, set, go
I found myself become pitch black like junk

Even if morning switched with night
No Ma No Ma Ranranra
Nobody would care but
I greedily chased numbers

From behind the door voices are faintly coming out

I have no choice, drawing my knees,
I quietly swore in the corner of the room
I don't care where, just take me out of here
But a prince wouldn't come

Good evening, Good morning.
Someone said from behind the door
You don't need to unlock it.
You can still hear my voice, can you?

I don't wanna hear such a story
I said no! Don't talk to me
I'm begging you, please don't go anywhere else
Stay by my side and let me hear a story

Nonsense, pretending to lie,
I still want someone to notice it
Its too cold to touch
I couldn't touch it forever

As I work in the coffin,
I dont wanna say Its not a big deal.
The clock hands move to the end of time
A gentle knock makes me cry

[translyrics by vgperson] his yt channel is here

"Pappara" goes the sound of working with no chance to rest
Lo-do-lo-do, ran-ran-ra
Every day keeps on cycling,
It compares, if you think, to a stray on its own

Somewhere, there's someone switching their job for another's
Ma-no-ma-no, ran-ran-ra
Who knows who, no one noticed them,
They're too busy chasing numbers around

Deep inside, in your heart's innermost core,
You will find that there is a locked door
As they said "You can't believe in such things anymore,"
Only I heard the knock they ignored

To say that "it won't change" is just giving up,
It's wasting your time, trying to hurry the hands of a stopped clock
Were you in your dreams, you would gladly say,
"I shall make a prayer to the stars," and expose your true self

"Tick-tock," a foolish soldier rattles as he works away
Gat-tan-gat-tan, ran-ran-ra
What to choose? Which is best for me?
It compares, if you think, to a mess stained all black

The morning switches with the night during the evening
No-ma-no-ma, ran-ran-ra
Who knows why, no one even cared,
Too busy chasing their numbers of greed

Coming from the room beyond the door,
A faint voice whispers through it once more...

To say that "it's no use" is just standing down,
It's muttering your contempt in the corners of a dark room
Anywhere is fine, just take me away
So much like a prince, it seems, yet while meant to come, does not

"Good evening, and may good mornings come to you!"
Suddenly, there's someone speaking from beyond the door
"Oh, it's fine, the lock's still locking me away..."
"Yet from here I'm reaching to you - can't you reach me, too?"

That's just something that I didn't want to hear
Didn't want to hear, no, I didn't want to hear
Hey, hey, don't go anywhere, I'm still here!
Stay here by my side, come and tell me what it's like...

To say that you're "worthless" is an utter lie,
Although it is sadly a truth, should no one notice nor want you
Heartlessly ignored, left untouchable,
No matter what should come to pass, the lock will ever lock you still

You're taken to the grave, and you're working still
"Well, yes, that is true, but, well..." But there's nothing left for you to say
The hands of the clock will spin eternally,
And the gentle sound of the knocking is left to cry away

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