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[Lyrics][Len] Re_birthday


lyrics & music: mothy mp3, karaoke

*I use Macron when romanizing.

me zameta toki boku wa hitori
kuroku nuri tsubu sareta heya
nani mo mie zu nani mo kikoe zu
hitori furueru yami no naka

tenjō niwa ōkina ana
yoku mireba soko niwa kyodai na zenmai
sono saki kara totsujo hibiku
etai no shirenu bukimi na koe

"tsumi bukaki shōnen yo"
"o mae wa kono saki eien ni"
"kono heya kara wa derare nu" to itta

shunkan omoi dashita subete no kioku
mizukara ga kasaneta tsumi no kazu kazu o
koko ni iru riyū to ketsumatsu ni ki zuita
mō ano koro niwa modore nai no dato

kizu keba ryō ude ni hame rareta akai tejō
sore wa kitto dare ka no nagashita chi no iro
ryō no ashi kubi niwa aoi iro no kusari
sore wa kitto dare ka no namida no iro

"ru ri ra ru ri ra" kikoete kita uta wa
dare ga utau komori uta darō ka...

dore hodo no toki ga nagareta darō
ugoka nu zenmai ni tazuneta
doko kara tomo naku kikoete kuru
uta goe dake ga boku o iyasu

aru hi boku wa ki zuita nda
sono uta no shinjitsu no imi o
soshite boku wa komori uta ni
atarashī kotoba o tsuke tashita

zenmai no sukima kara
ochite kita chīsana hikara
sore wa kitto
― kimi ga kureta message ―

mawari hajimeta zenmai wa shizuka ni kataru
"tsumi ga kesshite yuru sareru koto wa nai"
dakedo mizu to iu kotoba aku to iu kotoba
boku ra wa sore ra o uta eto kaeyō

akai tejō hazure boku ni katari kakeru
"kore kara anata wa umare kawaru no yo" to
aoi ashi kase hazure boku ni hanashi kakeru
"kyō ga kimi no atarashī Birthday"

subete ga mawari soshite shiroku somaru
mō sugu kimi ni ai ni iku yo


何も見えず 何も聞こえず



瞬間 思い出した全ての記憶


「るりらるりら」 聞こえてきた歌は



― 君がくれたメッセージ ―

だけど 水という言葉 悪という言葉

赤い手錠外れ 僕に語りかける
青い足枷外れ 僕に話しかける


[translyrics by VocaFriends]

When I woke up, I was all alone
In the darkest of rooms that was painted black
I couldn't see or hear anything
One person shivering alone in the darkness

Now the ceiling,it had a large hole
It was easy to see a giant spring in it
Then suddenly there was a sound
I knew this very ghastly voice

"Little boy's sins are getting very old"
"You're farthest from me now and forever"
"It left from this very same little room" it said

Remembering all of that very moment
Naturally repeating that sin over and over again
Realizing the reason it had all ended
Having to go back to those very same olden days

Both of my arms are stuck inside of red handcuffs
They are surely the colour of somebody's spilt blood
And both of my ankles are trapped in blue chains
They are surely the colour of someone's tears of sadness

"Ru ri ra ru ri ra.." the melody had sang
Who seems to be singing this lullaby..

How much time seems to go by
Searching for that single changing spring
Suddenly I hear something
A singing voice that's come to heal me

One day I had noticed
That the song, it had a real meaning
And now it's my own lullaby
While new words become added to it

From the opening of the spring
A tiny little northern light
Very sure
You are getting a brand new message!

The spring's surroundings start to talk quietly
"It's not that your sins aren't tolerated"
However, the water spoke and evil spoke
We will try to change those very same facts

The red handcuffs fall off and I start to talk
"After this, you will be reborn again"
The blue shackles fall off and I talk to you
"Today is your brand new Birthday"

Everything around us is dyed so very brightly white
Very soon we shall meet yet again

[translyrics by AmuletDaiya] *She says "If you want to use my lyrics then plz ask ^^ im more than happy 2 give ppls my lyrics as long as they credit "

When I opened my eyes I find myself alone
In a room covered and tainted in black
I couldn’t see a thing or hear anything
One person shivering in the darkness

The ceiling from above there laid is a large hole
It was easy to see a big spring inside
Suddenly on the other side there was a sound
I know this character’s eerie, ghastly voice

“The boy who has sinned the following crimes
"You are on the other side of eternity"
"To get out from this place and the room...” it said

In a complete instant, remember every memories
Naturally repeating that sin over and over
To notice, one by one, the reasons it all had end
Shortly, I’ll look back to those other times

Both of my left and right arms are wrapped in the red handcuffs
Surely, it’s the colour of someone’s spilled blood
Both of my left and right ankles are wrapped in the blue chains
Surely, it’s the colour of tears of sympathy

“Ru Ri Ra Ru Ri Ra” was how that classical, renowned song went
Who was singing that beautiful lullaby, I wonder...?

It’s not worth wondering how much time has flown by
Looking at the rotating clockwork from above
From somewhere faraway, I hear it approaching
A singing voice, solely to heal me

As time slowly came by, I finally became aware
Of the significant of that classical song
And to the beautiful lullaby song
I decided to add new lyrics for the tune

From the narrow crack of the clockwork
A strange yet a small light coming out of it

Surely that definitely
Given to me is a special message

After that do the edges of the clockwork quietly recite
“It’s not that your sins aren’t tolerated or being impossible”
However, the cold water spoke with words coming out evil
When we alter the songs we will try to change those facts

The red handcuffs around my wrist break and speaking begins
“After this, you’ll be reborn in someplace else” was said
The blue chains around my ankles break and a conversation start
“Today is the day of your new birthday”

With that, everything surrounding me is dying white
Very soon I’ll get the chance to meet with you there again

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