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[Lyrics][Trans][Miku] good bye monochrome


lyrics & music: 164

*I use Macron when romanizing.

boku o yobu hibiku pi po pa po
usu akari tōku aoku mieru
- boku o yobu -
todoku pi po pa po
kanji teru ondo to yasashī uta o
ai takute―
agaku yo nando demo
boku ni furete kureru sono hi made
mada koko ni iro wa nakute
――tada nemuru dake

― boku o yobu
hibiku ○△※♪
kazoe teru boku ga hajimaru kiseki o

― samishi kute ―
agaku yo nando demo
boku o daite kureru sono hi made
mada boku ni iro wa nakute
tada nemuru dake

koe toka komori uta datoka
ima wa nanimo nanimo nanimo mada
wakara nai kotoba dakeredo
itsuka imi ga wakaru no kana
――sā o wakare dayo
boku no iro no nai kono heya to

sakebu yo nando demo
ima o wasurete shimau sono hi made
mō naki tsukareta boku wa tada
nemuru dake

good bye monochrome

ボクを呼ぶ 響く ピポパポ
薄明かり 遠く青く見える
- ボクを呼ぶ -
届く ピポパポ
感じてる 温度と優しい歌を

ボクに触れてくれる その日まで
まだ ここに色は無くて
――ただ 眠るだけ

― ボクを呼ぶ
響く ○△※♪
数えてる ボクが始まる奇跡を

― 寂しくて ―
まだ ボクに色はなくて
ただ 眠るだけ

声とか 子守唄だとか
――さあ お別れだよ


[non singable Eng. translation] thx to Neibaku for proofreading

It's calling me, echoing, pi po pa po
I can see the blue dim light far from here
― It's calling me ―
It reached me
I'm feeling its warmth and gentle song

As I wanna see you,
I struggle helplessly again and again
Till the day you touch me
Still here is colorless
―― I'm just sleeping

― It's calling me, echoing, ○△※♪
I'm counting down my miracle to begin

― Feeling so lonely ―
I struggle helplessly again and again
Till the day you hold me
Still I'm colorless
I'm just sleeping

Voices or lullabies
They still have no meanings, not at all
So that I can't understand them at all
But someday can I grasp the meaning of it?
――Now, it's time to say good bye
To this colorless room of mine

――Because I'm delighted――
I scream again and again
Till the day I forget the present time
I'm dead tired of crying
So I'll just sleep

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