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[Lyrics][Trans][Yuki] forbidden fruit


lyrics & music: Tripshots karaoke
vsq: http://www.tripshots.net/stuff/forbidden_fruit_vsq.zip

*I use Macron when romanizing.

kōru kōru tsumetaku kataku
shizuka ni iro aseru
tsumeta sa no umi

shizumu shizumu yo mimio fusai de
hikari mo todoka nai
watashi no oku soko

kakushi te sotto sotto
omoi wa kitto kie teku

subete ga toma reba
hakanai yume mo eien
dakara koko ni iru

me o toji te kokoro o toji te
mamoru no kono negai o

nemutte zutto zutto
kimochi wa kitto maboroshi

ugoke nai karada
yogore nai kono mi wa eien
dakara kaware nai

me o hiraki
kokoro o kome te
warau no
anata dake ni

forbidden fruit

凍る 凍る 冷たく固く
静かに 色褪せる

沈む 沈むよ 耳を塞いで
わたしの 奥底

隠して そっと そっと
思いは きっと 消えてく

だから ここに いる

目を閉じて 心を閉じて
守るの この願いを

眠って ずっと ずっと
気持は きっと まぼろし

だから 変われない


[non singable translation]

It's freezing, freezing, cold and hard
Quietly it's losing its color,
The cold sea

I'm sinking, sinking, covering my ears
Even light doesn't reach to
The depth of me

As I hide it softly and gently,
My feelings will surely vanish

If everything stopped,
Transient dreams would last forevery
That's why I keep staying here

Closing my eyes, closing my mind,
I ensure this wish

Asleep forever and ever
This feeling must be an illusion

My immobile body
This innocent body is eternal
That's why I can't change myself

Opening my eyes,
From the bottom of my heart,
I'll smile
Just for you

[translyrics by Azuralunar]

Freezing, freezing, its so cold, so cold and hard
Silently losing its color
Is this freezing cold sea

Sinking down, Im sinking down, I put my hands over my ears
Not even the light of day can reach
Down to the depth of me

I try to hide, softly, gently
My feelings are surely disappearing

If all the world were to stop
The short-lived dreams would become eternity
Thats why I cant escape from here

I try to close my eyes, I try to close my heart too
If I do that, then will my wish come true?

Eternally sleeping, sleeping
This feeling is surely an illusion

Down here, I cannot move at all
For this innocent body is eternal
Yes, thats why I cannot change myself

I will open my eyes, I will open my heart, too
If it means that I can smile just for you

Note: I do not own this song; it belongs to Tripshots. I made the picture myself, so do not steal.

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