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[Trans][Trans][Meiko][Miku] Kin Mirai Toshi / Near Future City


lyrics & music: Suzukaze P

[non singable Eng. translation] thx to Neibaku for proofreading

You are
All alone

The sky is so blue
If only you knew it
If only you knew it

Where am I?
Even though the sky is blue
What I see is burned sand and rockface

The winds howl
Even thoug the horizon is far away
I was moved

Dried lakes
Burning fields
Someday they all will get back on the track
So, now I go forward

Even to the far future
There is a way to link
So, do not turn around
We can go through it

For everybody
That's what they said but...

In the starless sky
Light is overflowing
Since when
Have we been deserted?

The ladder that reaches to the end of the sky
I can't ascend it
In the cold world, holding hands,
We live today as always
We're not lifeless

(Stars, falling stars)

Someone, please give me courage
To face forward without turning back
The iron giant should shake the earth,
Disturb the atmosphere and follow

Even so I'd rather go with someone laughing
Than living all alone
Kick the earth to get onth the atmosphere
Believing in a fate that I can meet you

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