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[Lyrics][Trans][Miku] Bungaku Shōnen no Yūutsu / Depression of the Young Literati


lyrics & music: nanou / off vocal

*I use Macron when romanizing.

isso no koto dokoka tōku e
hitori de itte shimaō kana
gakkō mo tomodachi mo baito mo
nani mo kamo subete nage dashi te

keiō sen shihatsu eki hito no mure
saifu o otoshita onnanoko ga nai teru
sugu ni densha ga suberi konde kite
seki ni abureta hito wa shita uchi
kyū ni subete ga dōdemo yoku naru
boku wa tsumetai hito no nakama iri

dare ka namae o yonde boku no
totsuzen kanashiku naru nowa naze
sekai o tobi dashi te uchū no kanata
guru guru mawaru sōzō de asobu no sa
namida ga deru mae ni

boku no suki na shōsetsuka kimi mo yomi nayo
zuibun mae ni jisatsu shita hito dakedo
"haji no ōi shōgai datta" tte
"uso bakari tsuite sugoshita" tte
kurai yatsu dana to waratta keredo
dō shitemo atama kara hanare nai

dare ka koe o kika sete sugu ni
hitori kiri de densha ni yura rete
senro o tobi dashi te tsuki no ura gawa
ten made nobore soshite kimi ga ita
ano hi e gyaku modori

"haikei boku wa anata no yōni
itsu ka doko ka de shinde shimau no deshō ka"

haji no ōi shōgai datta tte
uso bakari tsuite sugoshita tte
demo anata no yōni wa nare nai yo
boku wa bungaku zuki na tada no hito

dare ka namae o yonde boku no
totsuzen kanashiku naru nowa naze
sekai o tobi dashi te sora no ue made
o negai nani mo kamo o furi kitte
hashiri nuke te ike


いっその事 どこか遠くへ
一人で 行ってしまおうかな
学校も 友達も バイトも
何もかも 全て 投げ出して

京王線 始発駅 人の群れ
財布を落とした 女の子が泣いてる

誰か 名前を呼んで 僕の
世界を飛び出して 宇宙の彼方

ボクの好きな小説家 キミも読みなよ
随分前に 自殺した人だけど

誰か 声を聞かせて すぐに
線路を飛び出して 月の裏側
天まで昇れ そしてキミがいた

「拝啓 ボクハ アナタノヨウニ
イツカドコカデ 死ンデシマウノデショウカ」

でも アナタのようにはなれないよ
ボクは文学好きな ただの人

誰か 名前を呼んで 僕の
世界を飛び出して 空の上まで
お願い 何もかもを振り切って
走り抜けて 行け

[translation by vgboy]

I need to do it soon, to go far away;
Shall I really go alone?
My school, my friends, my part-time job,
Just about... No, everything, being thrown away

Starting at the Keio station, a flock of people:
Within, a girl; she's lost her wallet, crying
The train immediately slides into place,
People filling the seats mutter impatiently,
And suddenly everything seems somehow better,
As I enter into a group of unfeeling people

Someone calls my name,
And suddenly, I'm sad, but why?
Flying out from the world, beyond the universe,
Playing with a wild, wandering imagination,
Before the tears come

My favorite novelist - you read him too
Though, long ago, he committed suicide
"It was a lifetime filled with countless shames," he said
"Spent with only lies being told," he said
"What a gloomy guy," they laughed, but
No matter what, I couldn't get it out of my head

Someone speaks, and right away,
The isolated train jolts
Flying off the tracks, to the dark side of the moon,
Rising to the heavens, and there you were
Reverting to that day

"Dear me, just the same as you,
will somewhere, someday, die - won't we?"

"It was a lifetime filled with countless shames,"
"Spent with only lies being told,"
But I won't ever go away from you
I'm a lover of literature, a mere man

Someone calls my name,
And suddenly, I'm sad, but why?
Flying out from the world, above the sky,
I beg you, shake away from all that you can
Run away... Go...

[translyrics by KrystalNekoi]

Soon I shall do it. Leave this place, go far away.
All by myself, I guess. There's no other way.
My work at school. And all of my friends. My part-time job.
Almost everything. My whole life. I'll throw them away.

At Keio Station. My journey starts on, its crowded platform.
The cries of a young girl, whose lost her wallet is unheard in here.
On time the train slides obediently into place,
The people impatiently mutter as they file inside.
Then I feel everything will probably, work itself out
As I move, as a part of, the crowd that feels nothing at all.

Waiting for, somebody to, finally, call my name.
Suddenly a wave of sadness sweeps over me, but why?
Escaping and flying from the world, beyond the universe
I play around with a wild, and wandering imagination
Before tears overflow down my cheeks.

The man I admired, my favourite author - You should read him as well
No longer is around, he took his own life a long time ago.
"It was a, lifetime filled with countless shame"
"With every day spent, telling naught, but lies " he had said.
The others laugh at, his gloomy attitude even so..
No matter what, I still can't get the, words out of my head.

I hear a voice calling, out and suddenly I find
I am all alone inside this train as it lurches forward
Escaping and flying from the tracks, and to the other side
Rising up to Heaven where, I looked out and then there you were
Everything reverted to that day.

"Dear favourite author: Will I end, up just like you,
In some place I don't know yet, someday somehow leave this world as well?"

It was a, lifetime filled with, countless shame
With every day spent, telling naught, but lies, you told me.
But I could never, become like you and follow your footsteps
I'm just a literature lover, just a normal human.

Waiting for, somebody to, finally, call my name.
Suddenly a wave of sadness sweeps over me, but why?
Escaping and flying from the world, reaching above the sky
I beg of you, please shake free of the bonds, that still hold you down.
Let go and run away...Just go...

[translyrics by mitsuki707]

Verse 1:
It seems that another year has passed.
Not sure of where I'm going.
My school,
my friends too,
my family.
These things are not important to me.

I'll dream, escape reality.
Ignore the pressure that I constantly feel.
The loud silence echoeing in my head,
The dead noise that the crowds emit.
Unsure of the path I'm told to take,
my cold hands grasp at my nothing.

Waiting for someone to call my name.
Impatiently, I'm remaining the same.
The world will change and quickly surpass me.
Bit by bit I regret not reaching out.

"Such a waste of my time"

Verse 2:
I'm just realising that roses have thorns.
Being me, I'm too scared to get close.
Cowardly I think I'm annoying.
Embaressed by those stupid thoughts that I have.
A warmth I want to feel, coming from someone other than myself.

"I'm ashamed"

Verse 3:
I'm not negative, I'm just in a slump.
I just don't know how to handle my life.
Saying "sorry" for every little mistake I make.
I'm being pushed over the edge,
I can't take.

I might be insane but you won't care.
I'll just keep it to myself since I'm such a waste of--

"please don't tell me I'm a waste"

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thx a trillion
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Thank you for the translations! It tells such a poignant escapism story.

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