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[Lyrics][Trans][Miku] Yubikiri / Pinky Swear


music: Scoop karaoke / karaoke w/o chorus

*I use Macron when romanizing.

koyoi wa anata no tame
kono mi o sazuke mashō

anata towa tokubetsu nano
kore wa seji toka
kuzetsu ja nai no

ah atashi koi o shite
anata no me ni utsuru mono subete nikuku mieru no
atashi igai wa minai de

kokoro no oto ga suru wa
kitanai kasureta koe

mae no otoko no yukue yorimo
anata no mirai
ki ni nari masu

ah mita sareru kurai
karada mo kokoro mo zenbu tsuyoku oku no oku made
sā motto atsuku sasete yo

chīsa na mise de yoko tawaru
hokori mamire no kono koi o

makoto no koi to yobanu nara
ima shimeshimashō ai no akashi o

ah atashi anata nara
kami kiri mo tsume hagi mo koete yubikiri suru wa
kawa shite kawaranu ai o

yubi kitta




嗚呼 あたし恋をして
貴方の目に映るものすべて 憎く見えるの



嗚呼 満たされるくらい
体も心も全部強く 奥の奥まで
さぁ もっと 熱くさせてよ

小さな見世(みせ)で 横たわる
埃(ほこり)まみれの この恋を

誠(まこと)の恋と 呼ばぬなら
今 示しましょう 愛の証を

嗚呼 あたし貴方なら
髪切りも 爪剥ぎも 超えて 指切りするわ
交わして 変わらぬ愛を


[non singable translation] thx to lordxwillie for proofreading

Tonight I shall devote myself to you
Our relation is special
I'm not flattering nor trying to hit on you

Ah, the me in love hates everything you see
Please do not look at anything else but me

I hear the sound of my heart
Such an awful cracking voice

I don't care what my exs are doing
But I do care about your future

Ah, as if I were fulfilled
Make my body, soul and everything in me heat up
Deep down inside them please

I'm lying down in this small room
If this dusty love can't be recognized as true love
I'll show you proof of my love, right now

Ah, if it's for you
I'd dare to cut off my pinky
Besides cutting my hair and pulling out my nail
I make a vow to love you forever

Cut off my finger as a promise

[translyrics by kran117]

Tonight, I will devote myself to you
My heart, my soul and my whole body too
This offer is made especially for you
I'm not bluffing neither is this
Some kind of flattery

I've fallen deeply for you
So deeply that I feel when I look in your eyes
I hate everything I see
I want you to only look at me

I can hear the words my heart is whispering
It's a dirty noise. Sounds just like it's cracking
I really don't mind where my ex-lover went
I just want to know if we're going
Somewhere with this

Hurry and satisfy me please
With your body and your soul deep inside of me
I really can't get enough
Come now! Make it hotter. Give me more.

This is all seems just like a small, tiny show
This dusty romance from deep within my heart
If you can't see that what I feel is truly real,
Right now let me show you the truth the proof of my love

I swear I'll only be with you
I do not have a fear of losing hair or nails
As long as it's just us two
So please love me for eternity. Don't let go.

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