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[Lyrics][Luka] I Miss Him


music: Comp.T / mp3 / off vocal

I Cried
All Through The Night
In This Chilly Room
When Will The Hope Appear Like Sunrise Over Cloudy Sky?
I'm Dying
Can't You See?

The Final Chapter Is Goin' To The End
And I Don't Wanna Stay Here Ever

☆He Said
 "Nobody's Foolish"
 "Nobody's Perfect"
 "You Just Need To Keep On Runnin', Never Say Die"
 "Wherever You Go"
 "Whenever You Want"
 "Don't Feel Loneliness"
 "I'll Be There With You"

I Tried
To Find Someone
Who Loves me
In The Silly World
Everyday And Everynight I Spend The Boring Time Alone
And I've Got
Nothin' What I Want

He Gave Me Everything, Gave Me On His Own
And I Believed A Day When My Dreams Come True


Where Is He Now?
Hold Me, Touch Me
Where Is He Now?
See Me, Feel Me


I Miss Him

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