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[Lyrics][Trans][Miku] glow


music: keeno / mp3 / off vocal / off vocal -3

*I use Macron when romanizing.

furi sosoida tsumetai ame aoi kizu o tokashi tetta
itsuka miteta yūgure zora no sumikko de warau dareka ga ita

shira nai uchi ni otona ni natte kirei na uso kuchi ni dekiru hodo
iron na itami o oboe te kita kedo sore demo mata itai nda

yūgure no namida ga desō na aka watashi no naka no kimi o tokashi te shimae

watashi no karadajū kimi no kizu ato de afure te iru kara mō susume nai yo
nē keshi te keshi te yo sō negatte ita noni
dōshite kon'na ni kitsuku daki shime teru no?

kimi no koe ga tōku naru nomi komare sōna aka
kitto kono mama kimi o tokashi te yoru ni naru dake

awaku somaru yubisaki ni kobore ochi sōna aka
watashi no naka no kimi o ubatte shimau

chigire teku kumoma kara afure dasu namida
sukoshi zutsu nijimu kimi ni gyu tto shigami tsuita


降り注いだ冷たい雨 青い傷を溶かしてった。

知らないうちにオトナになって 綺麗な嘘 口に出来るほど
いろんな痛みを覚えてきたけど それでもまだ痛いんだ。

夕暮れの涙が出そうな赤 私の中の君を溶かしてしまえ。

私の体中 君の傷跡で溢れているから もう進めないよ。
ねぇ 消えて 消してよ そう願っていたのに
どうして こんなにきつく抱きしめてるの?

君の声が遠くなる 飲み込まれそうな赤。
きっと このまま君を溶かして夜になるだけ。


ちぎれてく雲間から 溢れ出す涙。

[non singable translation by xxKMsakura]

The pouring, cold rain melted into blue scars.
Sometime while watching the evening sky, someone in the corner began to laugh.

Before I notice, I will become an adult, and my mouth will be able to produce beautiful lies.
I recall learning about various amounts of pain, but it still hurts.

The evening sky seems to be crying red tears, so please melt me into you.

In my body, because your scar has overflown, I can not advance anymore.
You know, even though I prayed to disappear,
why is it that I embraced you so tightly?

Your voice is so far, it seems I swallowed red.
Surely, just like this you melt into the night.

It seems to be red that has dyed and ran down my fingertip.
I take you into me.

When the clouds break off, the tears overflow.
I clung to you tightly as you blurred little by little.

[translyrics by Mes]

Cannot find - find the strength to forget you
Cannot find - find the way to detain you
Cannot find - find someone to replace you
Cannot find - find the one to be like you

The ice-cold raindrops falling from the sky
They try to melt away all my broken scars
The shining afterglow gently caught my eyes
with someone's smiling face hidden deep inside

As the time is passing by, we find the strength inside
The beautiful lies are not so hard to tell as before
And in the past I've had to taste so many different pains
Sometimes I still hear them knocking on my door...

You're fading away
No way for you to see the tears in my eyes
In this sentimental glowing twilight
nobody is here...hear me cry

*(intrumental break)
Cannot find - find the strength to forget you
Cannot find - find the way to detain you
Cannot find - find someone to replace you
Cannot find - find the one to be like you

Please take a look inside of me
all the scars you've given me
I can't go on, not taking one more step
They're taking all of me

"Please disappear.I don't want you here."
I look at you and pray like this
But tell me why
I can't go on
I'm holding onto you so deep inside

I just can’t hide

Now it's time for you to walk the distance
Nothing is left for me but only silence
In this sentimental glowing twilight
you're falling away
Alone I face the night

"You will stay forever deep inside of me"
Just my stupid little childish fantasy
In this sentimental glowing twilight
I'm falling apart without you...

Can you wipe away all my tears? (Ah...I just cannot feel)
Can you fight away all my fears? (No, No...)
Reaching out my hands (If I could turn back time)
trying to hold on to the you (I would never ever let you go)
that I don't want to lose... (Sorry. Sorry.)

Cannot find - find the strength to forget you
Cannot find - find the way to detain you
Cannot find - find someone to replace you
Cannot find - find the one to be like you

[translyrics by izaya1380]

The cold relentless rain falls down upon my face
And washes away my wounds of inexperience
As I remember all the sunsets of my past
In the corner of my eye I saw a smiling face

Before I realised my childhood’s but a distant past
And weaving out beautiful lies became a part of life
The pain I’ve been through has made me what I am today
But even if that’s so, it still hurts

As the sun sets into an evening sky
Crimson tears are showering down on the,
the part of you that I’ve kept inside of me
And melts it away…away…

(You’re melting away…)

My body’s covered head to the toe with the scars you carry on your back
The pain, it’s overwhelming and I just can’t move on
Oh make it stop, erase it all,
that’s what I’ve always longed for
So tell me why, please tell me why,
you’re holding on to me so tightly?

Your voice, it’s slowly growing distant
Swallowed by the crimson that surrounds me
I’m sure that this is how you’ll melt away
And become one with the night

My fingertips are faintly dyed with
A crimson that seems to have spilled over
As the part of you I’ve kept inside of me is stolen away

When the clouds break apart, I see you glow
And the tears that I kept, they overflow
I clung on to you as your figure, it softly blurred (Don’t go, don’t please don’t go..)
Into the distance

(Goodbye, goodbye…)

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