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[Lyrics][Miku][Kaito] Cendorillon


lyrics: orange / music: Dios / mp3

*I use Macron when romanizing.

asa made odoru yume dake mise te
tokei no kane ga toku mahō
aimai na yubi sasou kaidan
sandan tobashi ni hane te iku

basha no naka de furue teta
mijime na furugi mekuri maware yoru no butō

mi shiranu kao sagasu sasayaku ano koe ga
nigiri shimeta yaiba tsuki tate subete o ubae to
minashigo tsudou shiro emi kamen ni egai te
itsuwari no itsukushimi sae hane de tsutsumu serafu

hai no naka de akaku toke te majiru garasu no kutsu

imasara kaeru furue te iru no
anata ga me o yaru toke
kutsu nugi odoru surōpu nuke te
nodo made nobiru yubi no saki de

sukuu shizuku kuchi zuke te
hashiru shōdō sebone nuke te iku setsuna

kane wa narasa nai de anata ni hizama zuki
mada dame to sakenda migite ga tsuki sasu sayonara
kese nai shōen o kōsui ni matou hime
tsuyoi hitomi boku no kōtta kamen goto uchi nuku

ima mo mimi ni anata no toiki ga
tsuki sasaru tōi yume
sutendo gurasu goshi hikaru tsuki ga
kimi ni kabuseta bēru

doresu hiza de sai te thiara wa nage sute te
mitsume au hitomi to hitomi ga hibana hanatsu
kodoku na tamashī ga honō age hikare au
sono namida sukue nai nara marude hitori asobi

toki yo tomare ima wa anata ni yoi shire te
yureru kodō hitotsu hitotsu o kizami tuke te tai
todomare atsuku nure uchi tsukeru takamari ni
kore ijō wa ugoke nai yo marude fearī teiru



みじめな古着 めくり廻れ夜の舞踏

見知らぬ顔探す 囁くあの声が
握り締めた刃衝きたて すべてを奪えと
孤児(みなしご)集う城 笑み仮面に描いて
偽りの慈しみさえ 羽で包む熾天使(セラフ)



走る衝動 背骨抜けていく刹那

鐘は鳴らさないで あなたにひざまずき
まだダメと叫んだ右手が 突き刺すサヨナラ
強い瞳僕の凍った 仮面ごと撃ち抜く


ドレス膝で裂いて ティアラは投げ捨てて
見つめあう瞳と瞳が 火花を放つ
その涙すくえないなら まるで一人遊び

時よ止まれ今は あなたに酔いしれて
揺れる鼓動一つ一つを 刻み付けてたい
とどまれ熱く濡れ 打ち付ける昂まりに
これ以上は動けないよ まるで御伽噺(フェアリィテイル)

[translyrics by TBOEandJW]

Ahhhh~ Ahhhhhhh~

Taking your hand in advance, you and I both start to dance
Keeping to the rhythm of the ticking clock
Fingers calling to escape, telling me they cannot wait
I follow you, three at a time to keep it in the dark

The bitter cold from a carriage. Now you are

Dancing in clothes that will turn back into rags
And youll be you in the dawn

Dancing far away from a stranger
Someone who leads a small parade
Tying the blade under your dress to keep it safe
You feel skin against the blade

Orphans gather inside the castle
Each of their smiles hidden, gone, or fake
The wings of an angel cannot tell you the truth
Or say which path you should take

The glass slipper left up on the stair
Slowly burns into ash and fades into the air

Knowing you want to go home, I turn my hands into stone
Seeing this, you glance away to see the time
Kicking my glass shoes away, cant say what I want to say
My fingers slowly go up and wrap around like vines

I tried to remedy her falling sadness

My body feeling like electricity
I just cannot handle this

Hoping that bell will never ring
I cry out my farewell to you
With the knife in my hand, I ran through your tuxedo
I only wish that you knew

The lone prince in love with the princess
Gunpowder mixed with the scent of her perfume
My ice covered mask soon broke to a million shards
Didnt know it would be this soon

I still feel his simple breath rubbing up against my skin
But that was a sad dream only once long ago

The silver moon creates the shine around her lovely body
When she smiles, she really starts to glow

Rip the dress, you dont need it again
Throw off your crown, its past its need
I quickly look up and connect with you with my eyes
Sparking a flame just between

You and me now forever truthful
No need to be who you dont want to be
Stopping the need to cry and, forever more,
You will always be with me

I sometimes wish that time would stand still
I want to hold this sweet moment
I want to be able to store it deep in my heart
So I know what I felt

This sensation fills me with such joy
Our deep love now can never fail
My whole body feels like its been forever change
Like in a Fairytale!

[translyrics by Neibaku]


It seemed like only a dream when we danced till morning
The clock ticked away with a magic ring
Fingers calling to me to escape down the stairs
Three steps at a single time to hide the dark truth

The bitter coldness of a horse drawn carriage
Dancing with clothes that would turn back into miserable rags at night

Find a stranger with a masked face
A person who whispers softly to you.
Holding onto the hilt of your sharp blade, it will cause sadness and ruin.
Orphans gather inside the castle
Each of their faces with a fake smile
The wings of an angel don't hold the answers, they will not help you to know the truth

The glass slipper, that was left behind, slowly melts into a red flame's ashes

I see that you're trembling as you wish to return home
You take a glance at the clock tower
My dancing shoes fell down a slope as I kicked them off
My fingers slowly wrapped around his neck

I tried to remedy her falling tears
All the electrifying impulses flowing through my nerves were too much

I never want the bell to ring,
I let out a cry and said goodbye,
With my knife in hand I stabbed you violently,
Even though it was a dilemma
The princess who wears a perfume that had the scent of deadly gunpowder
My mask of ice with a flaming gaze that broke, it was too much to handle

I could still feel his breathe on my skin
But it's only a dream of long ago
The silver moon it drapes her in a shimmering glow
Then she shines like the brightest stars

Rip this dress with your running legs
You no longer need to wear your crown
A quick glance into your eyes, it sparks a flame that could warm two lonely souls
There is just no satisfaction in playing the only one who is not
Able to stop your flooded eyes from flowing for now and forever

I just wish that time would stand still
I want to savour this moment for all time
I want to be able to store it away, the sound of your beautiful beating heart
This sensation fills me with joy, this wonderful warm and wet feeling
And my whole body is immobilized
It makes me feel like I'm in a fairytale

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