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[Lyrics][Trans][Miku] Lynne


music: Hachi / off vocal

*I use Macron when romanizing.

kuroi yagi ga tsubuyaita
"hakusen yori o sagari yo
nibi iro densha tōri satte"

tonari de neko ga toi kaketa
"anata wa doko ni mukau ndai
kokoramo jiki ni shin jimatte"

aka no tekubi tazusae te
watashi hitori fuwari nenashi gusa
sabita mizu o nomi kon de
tsugi no eki

mata dōka dōka ai o
kaeri no densha wa doko nimo nai wa
oshie te dārin dārin nē dārin
koe ga kikoeta yōna ki gashita

kareta hana wa tsubuyaita
"kanjō ga nai kanjō ga nai
kokoro wa urei yū o hai te"

semi no nai te ochiru koro
densen ga saita aka no shita
tachiiri kinshi kettobashi te
takeri kage ga doro doro to kobore dasu

"mie nai" to nai te nai te
watashi no omoi o sagashi tei iru wa
oshie te dārin dārin nē dārin
nara nu denwa no inochi wa doko e

yudaru yudaru kanjō sen
koko niwa nai koko ni shūten wa nai
hidari hidari migi de naru
fumikiri no oto kan kara rindō

karasu wa iu karasu wa iu
"ano koro niwa kitto modore nai ze"
"kimi wa mō otona ni natte shimatta"

mata dōka dōka ai o
owara nai rin'ne o
chigitte okure

sayonara dārin dārin nē dārin
anohi watashi wa otona ni natta

taezu omou futari hitori
kure ochita kotoba wa tori kaesezu ni
sayonara dārin dārin nē dārin
kuru kuru mawaru kanjō sen o
"hitori aware ni ayumeya shōjo"




私一人 ふわり根無し草

またどうか どうか愛を
教えてダアリン ダアリン ねえダアリン


立入禁止 蹴っ飛ばして

教えてダアリン ダアリン ねえダアリン

ここには無い ここに終点は無い
左 左 右で鳴る
踏切りの音 カンカラリンドウ

カラスは言う カラスは言う

またどうか どうか愛を

さよならダアリン ダアリン ねえダアリン

絶えず想う 二人一人
さよならダアリン ダアリン ねえダアリン

[non singable translation by vgboy]

A black goat whispered,
"It's lowlier than the white line;
Catch the dark gray train!"

A cat beside asked,
"Where are you headed?
You're soon to die around here!"

Holding my red wrist,
I'm alone, wandering, a rootless weed
I drink down stale water
For the next station...

Once again, love me, however you can
There's no train back anywhere to be found
Tell me, darlin', darlynne, darlin'
I felt I heard a voice... or so I thought

A wilted flower whispered,
"No feeling, no feeling,
Heart speaking of gloomy evenings"

When the cicadas' cries went away,
The line split, red and downward
No entry, kicked away

The wild shadows slowly come
Spilling out...

"I can't see," I cry, I cry
I'm just searching for my thoughts
Tell me, darlin', darlynne, darlin'
Where does the life of an unringing phone go?

The boiling, seething belt line
There's nothing here, there's no last stop
Sounding on the left, the left, the right
The sound of a railway crossing, kan-kara-rindo

The crows speak, the crows speak,
"You know you can't ever go back to then!"
"You've already become an adult..."

Once again, love me, however you can
Take this neverending lifelynne, and cut it into pieces
Goodbye, darlin', darlynne, darlin'
On that day, I became an adult

I constantly think, together, alone,
Never being able to take back the words I've lost
Goodbye, darlin', darlynne, darlin'
And 'round and 'round the belt line I go...
"Have pity, and go on foot, girl..."

[translyrics by vgboy]

Whispering in my ear, a black goat approached;
"This one's lowly; not the white line!
Make sure you're able to catch the gray train!"

Afterward, from beside, a cat questioned me:
"Where on earth do you think you're headed, girl?
Stick around too long, you're sure to die soon!"

Clenching my red wrist, finding little support,
I'm alone, wandering, a weed that's been robbed of its roots
I drink down tasteless water to quench my thirst
Come next terminal...

I beg your love, once more, any way,
For the only train going back is forever delayed
Can't you tell me, darlin', darlynne, darlin'?
I could swear I heard you say... naught, to my dismay

Wilted and colorless, a flower whispered,
"Feelings are gone, feelings are gone,
And the heart speaks sadly of gloomy evenings"

When the cicadas' cries' time came to fade,
Then the line split, was running down red
Dead end, no entry, and I'm just kicked away

The raging shadows looming; slowly but sure,
They come spilling out...

"I can't see a thing," I sob, I cry
Searching desperate for my own thoughts, to know what to live by
Can't you tell me, darlin', darlynne, darlin'?
When your phone will never ring, just what path does your life lead?

The boiling, the seething, the looping belt line
Here there is nothing; most surely, there's no last stop in sight
The left side, the left side, sounding on the right
The sound when railways cross, kan-kara-rindo

The crows caw out, the crows caw out,
"You know, as much as you wish, you just can't go back to then!"
"The time has passed, it's too late now; now, you're an adult..."

I beg your love, once more, any way,
This lifelynne may not have an end, but divide it, day by day
Time for farewell, darlin', darlynne, darlin'
As that day's fateful result... you grew me to an adult

And I constantly think, together or just me,
Although words that I've already lost, they will forever be
Time for farewell, darlin', darlynne, darlin'
'Round and 'round I'll have to ride; down the belt line I go...
"Just have mercy on yourself, and go onward on foot, girl..."

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