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[Trans][Luka][Yuki] Jūhassai ni natta Anata e / To You Who Turned Eighteen


music: Jinkō Monochrome

[non singable translation by narumo]

With small hands like red leaves that fall dancing
For you, grabbing my fingers frantically
Anything would be fine, if I can just leave something behind
That would be great, I thought

Because I am leaving you behind very soon
And going far away

All the things I was thinking of telling you
Even if it’s not much, I’m putting them into words

Hidden in the inside of the closet
An old notebook turned brown
In the cover, with graceful letters I don’t recognize
“To you who turned eighteen”

The way to make a curry that is a guaranteed hit with Daddy
The way to pass a comb bringing out the gloss
When I bring home a boyfriend one day,
The way to persuade Daddy

All are too soon for me, however
Just one word marks the end in my heart

After five years, will I be able to read this without crying?
I’ll have an answer by that time
The words written in the last page
“Thank you for being born”

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