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[Lyrics][Trans][Gumi] Amanojaku / A Natural-Born Coward


music: 164 / mp3 & off vocal

*I use Macron when romanizing.

boku ga zutto mae kara omotteru koto o hanasō ka
tomodachi ni modore tara kore ijō wa mō nozoma nai sa
kimi ga sore de īnara boku datte sore de kamawa nai sa
uso tsuki no boku ga haita hantai kotoba no ai no uta

kyō wa kocchi no chihō wa dosha buri no seiten deshita
kinō mo zutto hima de ichinichi mankitsu shite mashita
betsu ni kimi no koto nante kangae te nanka inai sa
iya demo chotto hontō wa kangae te takamo nante

merīgōrando mitai ni mawaru
boku no atama n naka wa mō guru guru sa

kono ryōte kara kobore sōna hodo
kimi ni moratta ai wa doko ni suteyō?
kagiri no aru shōmō hin nante boku wa
ira nai yo

boku ga zutto mae kara omotteru koto o hanasō ka
sugata wa mie nai noni kotoba dake mie chatteru nda
boku ga shira nai koto ga aru dake de ki ga kurui sōda
bura sagatta kanjō ga kirei nanoka kitanai noka
boku niwa mada wakara zu suteru ate mo nai nda

kotoba no ura no ura ga mieru made matsu kara sa
matsu kurai nara īnja nai ka

susumu kimi to tomatta boku no
chijimara nai suki o nande umeyō?
mada sunao ni kotoba ni deki nai boku wa
tensei no yowamushi sa

kono ryōte kara kobore sōna hodo
kimi ni watasu ai o dare ni yuzurō?
son'na doko nimo ate ga aru wake nai daro
mada matsu yo

mō īkai?


嘘つきの僕が吐いた はんたいことばの愛のうた




ぶら下がった感情が 綺麗なのか汚いのか





[non singable translation by Blacksaingrain]

Shall I tell you what I've been thinking for a long time?
If I can be your friend once again, I won't ask for more
If you don't care, I won't care either
I'm a liar and this is a love song of "contrary words" I spitted out

It was fine weather with a shower of rain in this area today
I was bored for being unbusy and I fully enjoyed myself all day long yesterday
I haven't even thought about you
Ah, but, to tell the truth, I may have thought about you a bit, I'm just saying
My head goes around like a merry-go-round
It already turned to mush

You gave me love so much that it seems to overflow from my hands
Where shall I throw it away?
Something like a finite expendable item is
What I don't need

Shall I tell you what I've been thinking for a long time?
Without even seeing hide nor hair, only words can be seen
When there's something I don't know, that's driving me crazy
Whether the suspended feeling is beautiful or dirty
I still don't know that and can't find the place to throw it away
I'm gonna wait till I can see what's the IMPLICATION of the IMPLICATION of the words
What's wrong with waiting?

You're going ahead and I stopped going
How can I fill the gap between you and me that cannot be shrunk?
As I can't still put that into words honestly
I'm a born coward

My love for you seems to overflow from my hands
To whom shall I give it over?
You know, I can't find someone else to give it to
I'm gonna wait more

Not yet?

[non singable translation by animeyay]

Let me tell you something I've been thinking about for a long time.
If we can go back to being friends, then I will ask for nothing more.
As long as you're okay with it, I really don't mind.
I, a liar, sang a love song with words contrary to my thoughts.

Today's weather in the area is a clear sunny sky with a downpour.
Yesterday I was making the best use of my time being idle and free.
It's not like I'm thinking about you or anything.
Fine, maybe I was thinking about you just a little against my will.

The inside of my head is spinning
just like a merry-go-round.

Since it's on the verge of spilling from my hands,
where should I throw away this love you gave me?
I have no need for things
that diminish the more I use.

Let me tell you something I've been thinking about for a long time.
You can't see its shape, but you can see the words.
I feel frustrated by the fact that there're things I don't know of.
Are my dangling emotions beautiful or dirty?
I have no idea, and I don't have a place to discard them to.

I'll wait until I get to bottom of the meaning of those words.
Waiting doesn't sound like a bad idea at all.

Since you're still moving ahead while I've already stopped completely,
what should I use to fill up the elongating distance between us?
I, an innate coward,
still can't use my words honestly.

Since it's on the verge of spilling from my hands,
instead of you, to whom else should I give this love to?
I don't think that someone else can be found so easily.
Guess I'll keep waiting.

Is this good?

[translyrics by DC]

Let me scream out the wishes that I felt

From the very bottom of my broken heart.

If I could be a friend you can reach out

Theres nothing more that I would ever hope for.

Every step you’ve decided to move on

Can’t imagine my hands to be holding you back

This is once I will ever break a promise

Let me sing you an upside down love song

A couple of miles around here in the wastelands,

Today was a war between the Zeus and Apollo.

A day back with plentysome time in hands

I tried to make the best of it and had lot of fun.

Nothing reminded me of your presence

Or was it my mind that played a game with my own heart

Maybe there is already no turning back

Maybe you left the biggest footprint in my land

Spinning round and around like a horse in the playpark

I’m going crazy like a fool in the air

Now that I have your love, tightly clutched in my hands

Tell me if there is a place in the horizon where I can perish it forever

If your feelings could fade as our clocks count down then I know..

Its time to let go

Let me scream out the feelings to show you

The lyrics from the very bottom of my broken heart.

Your intuition bleeded through my empty book

Made me cry chipped my heart like a whisky glass.

Colorless picture dressed you in a widow suit

Tested my affection my attention then my memoir.

Tied to a yarn of naiveness

I couldn’t make the call to cut it or not

Who’d know how someone can judge an emotion so

I can’t believe myself neither one of them

Phrases taught me to read between the lines

Paradigms and Prototypes are the lies.

Wait till the world disappear should I?

Now your journey wont stop, my feet chained to the walls

Is there a way to fit us both in a picture, I’ll paint a bridge to get across?

Overwhelmed I’m breathless yet still lying to myself

They called me a natural-born coward.

Now that I have this love, already placed in a box

Tell me if there is a person in the horizon who’d take it away from us

I’ll stop lying to myself, making a fool out of myself I know..

I can’t let you go

Is it time?

[translyrics froma girl's POV by Mes]

Let me try to find a way to tell you
all the feelings hide inside my broken heart.
If you could be a friend that I could reach for,
there's nothing more that I would ever hope for
Every step I've decided to move on,
the strength of your hands always pulling me back.
This is once I will ever want to break out.
Let me sing you an upside down love song.

[Verse 1]
Hundred thousand miles away from you,
aint no sunshine warming up the orange cloud.
Hundred thousand minutes without you,
aint no any other one could take your place.
Nothing reminding me of your presence,
if only my mind keeps on lying to my heart.
There'll never ever be a turning back,
After leaving all the footprints in your land.

Taking rides on mary-go-round,
all my thoughts and emotions are spinning 'round 'n' 'round.

Now I give you my love, tightly clutched in your hands.
Tell me would you ever try your best to keep it forever.
If your feelings' fading as our clock counting down I know..
It's time to let go

[Verse 2]
Let me figure out my mind and tell you
all the words i have inside my broken heart
If your voice can bring you closer to me,
then tell me why the hell I wanna meet you so bad.
You should know for sure that I would break down,
if I'm the only one who can't step into your world.
Everytime I've decided to move on,
the presence of you always holding me back.

But this is it, I will not wait. No more.
You have been granted enough chances by now.
Run through thousand miles to come see me,
Break through chains and walls to come get me,
What you waiting for? The world will never disappear!

Now my journey begins, would you take a ride with me?
You and I together, there's nothing can go in between us.
Overwhelmed, I'm breathless. It's the very last time I know..

Cut it out you natural-born coward!

Now I give you my love, give you all of my heart.
Look me in the eyes and promise me you'll cherish forever.
Don't go lying to yourself, making a fool outta yourself I know..
You won't let me go.

[translyrics by JoyDreamerJourney]

Shall I tell to you what I've been thinking?
All these thoughts have been here for a very long time
Only once again I'll ask you one thing
I just want to know if I can be your best friend
But if you don't care when I am sinking
I will never care the way that I did back then
But I'm always lying when I'm singing
All my words are upside-down and never come around

In the area where I am standing
It's been raining down just for a little bit
I've been bored 'cause life is undemanding
And just yesterday I was enjoying it
And I haven't even thought about you
Now I wonder if you maybe do as I
But if I am going to tell what's true
I'll tell you that I thought a bit of you

My head is spinning, like a merry-go-round
This is the beginning, but it is already too much

So much love that you gave
But too much I couldn't save
Running right between all, my fingers
Where do I put it now?
Maybe I'll get a case
So I'll put love right inside that space
But I don't want that

Shall I tell to you what I've been thinking?
All these thoughts have been here for a very long time
When I tell you all the words I'm singing
You can only see them if you try again
When there's something I don't really know of
It'll drive me crazy and I'll go insane
Doesn't matter if it's hate or it's love
Doesn't matter if it's nice or if it's plain

I still don't know, and I don't know where to go
And no where I can throw, it all away

I will stand and wait till I will see it
All the meanings of the words inside me
'Cause what's wrong with waiting after all what I've been through?

I will see you ahead, 'cause I'm here waiting instead
I can see the gap here, between us, but can I shrink it now?
As I'm left with no sign, I don't know how I can cross the line
But it's 'cause I'm born with cowardice

So much love that I gave
But too much you couldn't save
Running right between all, your fingers
Who can I give it now?
But you know you're the one
Who to give all my love if you're gone?
I'll wait, till you come

Is that now?

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