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[Lyrics][Trans][Miku] Kamisama wa Inai / There Is No God


music: Mappū / mp3 *click MP3を抽出

*I use Macron when romanizing.

furi sosogu kuroi ame no shita kanashimi ni nure te
anata no koe sono nukumori sagasu no

kami no mina no moto ni sakare shi anata tono enishi
akuma ni higo o motome

saidan ni sonae shi kumotsu yamiyo ni kakaru mikazuki
don'na batsu ga matte iru to shitemo watashi wa susumu

towa no ai chikai anata no soba e
tatoe sekai subete horonda to shitemo

kami no na no moto ni ubaware shi itoshi no anata
yatsura o nikushimi urami tsukushi tai

hiki sakareta ikenie no chi ga kuroi saidan ni
kega sare te iku kono mitama

kyōkai no mukō
tora wareta itoshi no anata

don'na dare ga jama date suru tsumori demo
jigoku ni ochi temo

kami sama wa inai watashi no moto wa
hoka no dare kara demo nikumare temo īwa

towa no ai chikai anata no soba e
tatoe sekai subete kie te shimaō to

kami sama wa inai watashi no moto wa
hoka no subete kara nikumareta to shitemo


降り注ぐ黒い雨のした 悲しみにぬれて
貴方の声 その温もり探すの


祭壇に供えし供物 闇夜にかかる三日月









[non singable translation] thx to lordxwillie for proofreading

Under the pouring dark rain, I am soaked in sorrow
I seek your voice and warmth

In the name of god, our fate is torn
I demand the grace of Satan

The sacrifice at the altar
The crescent moon in the darkness
I go forward whatever punishment is ahead of me

Vowing undying love, I'd go where you are
Even if the whole world dies off

"I'm honored to be called on as a teacher...
I'll work hard for my beautiful lady and your daughter."

In the name of god, my beloved is taken from me
I want to curse them as hard as I can

Blood of the ripped sacrifice is on the altar
My soul is being poisoned

Behind the church door
You are captured there
I don't care who gets in my way
Or going to hell

There is no god beside me
It doesn't matter whoever hates me but you

"Would you stay with me and Rin forever?"
"...Yes, definitely, my lady."

"Um...n...you're gentle, Kaito..."
"Yes...because you're my precious..."
"How precious?"
"As much as I want to be with you till I die."
"Does that mean... you'll be my groom?"
"That's right! I'll be yours forever!"

"Buongiorno, Madame, I'm at your service."
"Take Kaito...there..."

"Mom, where's Kaito? I haven't seen him recently."
"Kaito is on vacation."
"Liar! His luggage is in his room!
Kaito, where is Kaito?
You're a liar!
Kaito promised me he'd always be with me!

Vowing undying love, I'd go where you are
Even if the entire world disappeared
It doesn't matter whoever or whatever hates me but you

"Ah...Kaito...it's all your fault...
But it's okay...because you are...
All mine in the depths of hell

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