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[Lyrics][Gumi][Trans] Shion / I Won't Forget You


music: Mikenekotei / lyrics: niseino-hitoduma / mp3 / off vocal

*I use Macron when romanizing.

me o toji te mieru egao
ichiban ni ukabu anata no sono hyōjō
sukoshi kodomo ppoku te
tereya de yasashī anata no
zenbu zenbu itoshī no

massuguna hitomi no oku ni
utsuru nowa tōi basho
oi kake te mitemo
todoka nai no

te o nobasu anata eto
sono te ni nanimo tsukame nai mama
jijitsu ni me o sorashi te
sure chigau kokoro o osae te
sukoshi ato sukoshi koko ni isase te

kono hitomi ni utsuru hito wa
tada hitori anata dake
kono kimochi dake wa
kese nai kara

anata ga suki
dare yorimo zutto zutto
dakara waratte iu yo
sayonara dōka oshiawase ni


目を閉じて 見える笑顔
一番に浮かぶ あなたのその表情

真っ直ぐな 瞳の奥に

手を延ばす あなたへと
少しあと少し ココに居させて

この瞳に 映る人は
ただ一人 あなただけ

だから 笑って言うよ

[non singable translation] thx to lordxwillie for proofreading

Whenever I close my eyes, I see your smile
The first thing that comes to my mind is your face
You are a little childlike,
Shy and sweet‐tempered
I love everything about you

Deep inside your pure eyes
Reflect someplace far from here
No matter how hard I pursue it
I can't reach it

I reach out my hand to you
Only to find I can't hold anything
Looking away from the truth
I put aside my heart which remains apart from yours
Please let me stay here a little bit longer 

The only person
Who comes into my eyes is you
I can never get rid of
My love for you

Because I love you
More than anyone or anything
Let me tell you with a smile
Good-bye, I wish you a happy life

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