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I'm an indifferent Lenfag & Oliverfag mistranslator :3 You can use any translations I've done w/o crediting me but not the ones done by other awesome people. This blog is a Vocaloid DB for myself and hopefully for you as well. I hardly read any comments both on my yt channel and blog, so plz don't expect me to reply.


How To Create Piapro Account

1. Go to http://piapro.jp/

2. Click ユーザー登録

3. Click 同意して次へ登録

4. Enter your current mail address

5. Check your mail box and click the link below 続いて本登録しますので、こちらのURLにアクセスしてください in 6 hours

6. From the top, user name, password *2 times, profile pic, yyyy, mm. That's all you should enter. Click 次へ進む. As to your profile pic, click サンプル画像から選ぶ unless it's really yours.

7. Click ユーザー登録の実行

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this tutorial! It was very helpful. =)

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