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[Trans][Kiyoteru][Gackpo][Kaito] Nice Mountain


music: Romipi

[non singable translation by narumo]

Everyone, look at the blackboard! Hey you, don’t talk! Don’t pass around that letter!
Listen to me!!
Enough already! (・ω・´) I don’t want to do this (TДT)No one looks at me orz
In that case, Ero Ero Beam--!
I take off the glasses, loosen up the necktie, raise just the corners of my mouth and grin
The eyes of the female students are glued to me

Everyone, look at the blackboard! You don’t need to look at me! Solve the problem!
Is being too beautiful a sin?
Refreshing eyes, sleek hair, an striking face
The popularity factor is so high it’s troublesome
If my part my bangs on one side, wear a reddish-brown jersey and completely erase my pheromones,
Perhaps we will move forward with the lesson?

Everyone, look at me! Don’t forget to make like a cat’s paw* and cut rhythmically
Cover your little blunders with a smiling face (`・ω・´)☆Kira!
Being ready to run, my defense against the onion was perfect. Why was it penetrated?!
Was the thickness of my glass not enough?!
The moment I shed tears, a perplexing sound reverberated in the classroom, a perplexing light
Where are my glasses? (TдT)

Kiyoteru: Smells good, what is it?
Gakupo: It smells like mom’s cooking.
Kaito: No way! It’s a secret of the trade!!...AH!!
Kiyoteru: Suddenly, vegetables burst in front of my eyes.
Gakupo: Pushing our way through the smoke...
Kaito: To confirm right away the safety of the students.
Kiyoteru, Gakupo and Kaito: Is anyone hurt?

Gakupo: Again helping out with the cleaning?
Kaito: Today’s lunch is ice cream (`・ω・´)☆ Kira!
Kiyoteru, Gakupo and Students: EEEeehhhhh!! (´д`)
Luka: Really?!

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