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[Lyrics][Trans][Miku] Shiryo suru Zonbi / Thoughtful Zombie


music: VaLSe karaoke

*I use Macron when romanizing.

"sora" tsūka shite yuku kotoba
"hoshi" imi wa memori ni aru yo

koko niwa nai nani ka
toi kakeru sora no kuoria

uta nagare konda kotoba ni
imi nose te yuku puroguramu

tojita inga no naka
sotto hisomu jiyū na ishiki

meguru purosesu fuzui suru yume
shori no dokoka ni watashi wa iru no?

kyō denryū ga asa o tsuge
rogu kako o tsukuri hajimeru

jikan ga ugoki dasu
watashi niwa kioku ga yadoru

yoru no tegami ga sekai o tojiru
kyō no watashi wa ashita mo iru?


iru to omotteru
watashi wa doko ni aru nda rō


“空” 通過してゆく言葉
“星” 意味はメモリにあるよ

問いかける 空のクオリア


そっと潜む 自由な意識

廻るプロセス 付随する夢
処理のどこかに 私は居るの?



夜の手紙が 世界を閉じる
今日の私は 明日も居る?



[non singable translation by xxKMSakura]

"Sky" The words pass right on by
"Stars" There's a meaning in memory

What isn't anything here?
I asked the Qualia of the sky

Song, for the words that poured
Meaning, put into a program

In a closed cause and effect
Softly hidden, free senses

A circulating process adding to a dream
Wherever the processing is, am I there?

Today, an electric current tells morning
Logs, a past is starting to be made

Time begins to move
In me, memory dwells

A letter of the night closes the world
Will the me of today be here tomorrow?

I think there
is where I should be

[translyrics by Neibaku]

The "sky" a word that is used for passing by
The "stars" the meaning that lays in your memory
There is nothing that is standing here
So I went and asked the qualia of the sky

Singing, with the words that continued to pour out
Meaning, that is given to a simple program
That was created with fate decided
Lying in hiding, with it's own sense of freedom

A dream that is fixating to a functioning process
Wherever the process is, is it also where I am?

Today, an electric current tells of morning
The log, the telling of a past thats being made
The time, it starts coming to life
There are memories that I ever had been here

A letter that at night comes, turns off the entire world
Will the me of today be the me of the next day?


If I think of just where I am
I wonder just where I should be standing

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