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[Lyrics][Trans][Miku] FISH


music: kous / off vocal

*I use Macron when romanizing.

amagumo hotsure te
umi made nagareta

sakana to odoro hanasa nai kara

saigo ni sa asu no yotei o

namima ni fushigi na
"hane mono" "niji mushi"

issho ni odoro nakimushi dakedo

saigo wa sa kisu shite kashi te

saigo ni sa asu no yotei o


雨雲 ほつれて
海まで 流れた

サカナと踊ろ 離さないから

最後にさ 明日の予定を

波間に 不思議な
「羽物」 「虹虫」

一緒に踊ろ 泣き虫だけど

最後はさ キスして消して

最後にさ 明日の予定を

[non singable translation by Khozen0]

Rain clouds come apart
They flow toward the sea

Dancing whit fishes 'cause I can't part from you

For the last time, the plans of tomorrow...

Mysterious waves
[Feather things] [Rainbow Insect]

Let's dance together, even if I'm a crybaby

Your last kiss is fading

For the last time, the plans of tomorrow...

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