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[Trans][Rin] Koi no Yuri Hime / Lily Princess of Love


music: lis

[non singable translation by narumo]

Spring, summer, autumn, winter, I’m always thinking of you; first love sisters
Climbing up a secret ladder, I go to meet that cute you

Even if it turns my young girl aesthetics upside down, I want to hear your voice
Lips, a sigh, the color of cherry blossoms, I can’t resist any more

A red string nobody can see binds us
Connected to the tip of my little finger

The blue flowers that bloomed prettily remind me of your smile

* The Virgin Mary watches the two of us in a small bed
You let me eat your maiden cake

Surrounded by lilies in full bloom, you are now a princess just for me

* repeat

Softly clutching that last uniform...

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