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[Lyrics][Trans][Gumi] Iki te / Stay Alive


music: Ta~P / mp3 / off vocal

*I use Macron when romanizing.

kyō mo asa wa kita namida wa mō kare hateta
taisetsu na hito tachi ya iron'na mono o nakushita kedo

"nande boku dake iki te iru no?
hitori de boku dake koko ni tatteru no?"

sore wa ikiru tame deshō

iki te katari tsugu tame deshō
dakara iki te iki te...

ashita wa dō naru ka wakara nai keredo
kitto mata asa wa yatte kuru kara
anata no tame ni aru mirai dayo
nige dasa nai de asu o shinji te
tsuyoku hora tsuyoku

"iki te"


今日も朝は来た 涙はもう枯れ果てた
大切な人たちや いろんなものを亡くしたけど




[non singable translation] thx to lordxwillie for proofreading

Another morning has come
No more tears are left in me
Despite losing precious people and my things

"Why on earth am I left alive alone?
For what am I standing here all by myself?"
The answer is to live
To pass on this story
For this, please stay alive, stay alive...

I don't know what will happen tomorrow
But I know another morning is coming
Another morning for you
Please don't reject reality but believe in tomorrow
Become strong and get stronger

"Stay alive."

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