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[Lyrics][Trans][Len] Kimi o Sagasu Sora / Looking For You In The Sky


lyrics & music: Hitoshizuku P / mp3 / off vocal

*I use Macron when romanizing.

higashi ni nobiru michi e ate mo nai mama
tsure datsu mono wa tada kage nomi susumu

hakushi no chizu ni kizamu tōi utagoe
kanaderu sono kage o sagashi motomete

tōku tōku hate naku meguri yuku sadame
kaketa kokoro sagashite ate mo naku samayou

kawaita tamashī sae uruosu utagoe
yaki tsuite hanarenai
kimi no egao o mitsukeru hi made...


連れだつ者はただ影のみ 進む




[non singable translation]

Without a certain destination, I keep pursuing east
My own shadow is the only company

I carve the distant voice on my blank map
As I seek to whom it belongs to

We're destined to go around further, further without end
Trying to find the fragment of my herat, I keep wandering

Your singing voice soothes even my dried soul
I won't give up finding you
Whose smile has burned into my mind...

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