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[Lyrics][Trans][UTAU][Defoko] Sekihi / Tombstone


lyrics & music: inaphon

*I use Macron when romanizing.

kieru kotoba
asayake ni nori
mada oboete ita
kakera no mukō ni
shiroi kiri ga
azayaka ni nari
me no mae no ima ga
mabuta no oku ni

(nokosareta watashi wa dō sureba īno?)
(mō ae nai danante......)

kie nai ato
arishi hi no jōkei
michi o ayadotta
hizashi no yōni
me o tojite mo
yake tsuita emi
mō ichido misete
konna hazu ja nakute
ima kara nara soko e
oi tsukeru ki ga shite
kake dasu watashi o
yurushite kudasai
onaji basho e itte
onaji yōni watashi mo...

(ite kureru dake de)
(ite kureru dake de yokatta noni)
(dō shite)
(itte shimatta ndarō)
(dō shite......)

[non singable Eng. translation by damesukekun]

A dying word rides on the flaming dawn sky
A fragment of remembrance is still in my brain
And the white cloud there gains the color
This very moment is printed on my memory

What do I do left behind?
What is it that I can't see you any longer...

Here the fadeless mark and the memories of the past days
Your smile appears again and again every time I close my eyes
It was like the sunlight that gave brightness to the ways
Show me your smile once more
This mustn't be what you meant!

I feel I can catch you if I do now
Please give me pardon 'cause I'm rushing to you
I go where you are now and, also...

All my wish was,
just all,
all my wish was
that you were just with me
why have you gone by yourself?

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